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How to Present Your Job Opportunity to Active Qualified Candidates using “seek”

March 1, 2017 | Employee Engagement, Employment Trends, Executive Search, Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Tips, Recruitment Trends, Resumes, Small Business We are all familiar with the ad with Karen Marshall enjoying a canoeing trip off the coast of Asia when she is approached by a Recruiter in another boat seeking exactly Karen’s skill set? “Karen…Karen Marshall! We’re looking for a Data Analyst!” Calls the recruiter. Karen, at first, tries to get away and says to her...
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Why savvy employers ensure they have policies, procedures and checklists in place when they hire staff.

August 14, 2016 | Recruitment Tips, Recruitment Training, Small Business As a business owner you have the greatest investment into the success of your business. It often takes you beyond reasonable limits and you find yourself putting in the extra hours to achieve what’s needed. You employ staff as demand increases and you trust that your employees will honour their commitment to you and your...
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