If you’ve been in Geelong these last few years, there’s no doubt you have witnessed the region change in front of your eyes!

This transformation has seen our economy prosper and Geelong, in regional centre statistics terms, leads the nation in population growth. Our business landscape is on the move as we see the transition from our textile and industrial roots to social insurance and the public sector, while tourism, health, education and professional services industries continue to grow. We are also one of the biggest incubators for entrepreneurs…exciting times!

In the midst of this change, there has been a flow-on effect to business owners and employers.

As a Geelong local I have a vested interest, personally and professionally in the region.

Personally, I am often asked to provide intelligence on the pulse of the region.

Professionally, as Director of Harvest Talent Recruitment and People Solutions arena our clients and stakeholders want to know where Geelong is heading.

The pace of change has been so frenetic that many chief executives, business owners, divisional directors and HR practitioners are still playing catch up.

Instead of receiving the news of change, we decided to create the news. The Harvest HR Index was born.

Our commercial, industrial, HR and careers consultants, with a further helping hand from our dedicated support team, personally reached out to our clients, suppliers, networks and partners asking questions on employment and HR trends. The input from the region’s employers has been invaluable.

We believe that by gaining a clearer picture of Geelong’s employment and HR landscape and sharing this with our community we are taking steps in the right direction.

We trust the findings will increase your understanding of the Geelong region; that you will be able to use the data to respond to challenges, take advantage of opportunities and play your part in the social and sustainable development of our great City.

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If you just need some support and guidance, the Harvest team is happy to help you out with any stage of your recruitment cycle. This includes everything from crafting Position Descriptions, advertisements and sourcing strategies, screening applications, identifying great candidates, telephone screening and shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking.

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