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If you’re looking for a career change or ready to re-enter the workforce, our Career Specialists are here to help prepare you to compete in today’s job market.

Our careers solutions provide you with the skills that will give you a step up in getting your dream job. Our committed and passionate Careers Specialists can help you clarify your dreams, plan ahead for the future and assist with putting your best foot forward so that your skills, experience and personality shine to potential employers.

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Market Me Packages

We’ll teach you how to market your unique experience and skill through these vital application documents, by assisting you to craft a professional tailored resume and cover letter and we’ll provide you with an application checklist, industry relevant examples and templates.

A 45 min in person consultation, plus personalised review, critique and edit support included $150

Add on to the package:

+ 30 min Linkedin lesson (+$50)

+ 60 min interview coaching (+$120)

+ 30 min Linkedin lesson and 60 mins interview coaching (+$150)

Let us do the hard yards for you, we’ll take your original resume or start from scratch to craft a professional resume and cover letter tailored to the role you want, includes a 60 min information gathering consultation, personalised critique, writing and editing, and advice on tailoring for future applications $270.00

45 mins Linkedin lesson/ profile writing (+$95.00)

60 mins interview coaching (+$120)

45 min Linkedin lesson /profile writing and 60 min interview coaching (+$195.00)


Career Coaching Packages

All our career practitioners are highly qualified and experienced in their field.  Our process is all about your unique career journey, therefore we offer a bespoke service. We work with you to decide on the aspects of support which will best help you to clarify and meet your career goals.

Common themes and topics:

Explore Career Options, Career Decision Making, Networking and Career research, Career Change – impacts, manage and maximise, Understanding the job market and skills for the future, Strategic Job Search, Professional Growth- identifying and negotiating opportunity

3 x 60 mins $495 | 5 x 60 mins $750 | 7 x 60 mins $980 | 10 x 60 mins $1200


Standalone Career Services

Selection criteria writing | $75 per criteria question (a minimum of 4 criteria questions) includes a 90 min information gathering consultation

Resume writing | $195 – $345, 60 min information gathering consultation and draft ($195) and $50 per hr writing fee. To personalise and tailor a professional resume generally requires a minimum of 1.5hrs writing time inclusive of the consultation.

Cover letter writing | $75.00 – $125, 45 min info gathering consult and $50 per hour writing fee post consult

Interview Coaching | $ 175 per 60 mins

Morrisby Career Assessment, report and feedback session $250.00

Morrisby is a great tool for those who are just starting out and making pathway decisions or people early to mid – career and looking to make a change. Morrisby is a comprehensive accurate measure of aptitude, preferences, and motivators. You receive a psychometric report, a 60 min personalised feedback and coaching session with a Morrisby trained career practitioner

Are you ready to take your next step?

Harvest Careers is specifically designed to assist you to make better career decisions, gain confidence, build a fulfilling career and become a stand-out in the job market. Our packages are all about you and your needs, we are here to support and empower, helping you navigate the journey, and take positive action!

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