Building the skills and capacity in digital and technology is a key future of work skill that will be required globally and locally, within the Geelong Region.

The Building Digital Capability (DIGITAL) project undertaken in 2021 allowed for the development of innovative programs to build the skills and capacity of current and future digital workers. While focussed on the Geelong and the Greater Geelong region the need stretches nationally and globally.

The Digital Program stands for the:

Development of
Innovative Programs to
IT & Digital
Talent and
Assert a Lasting Digital

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Digital Specialties

Entertaining entering into a Digital Career Pathway? These courses were the most sought after by our digital employers.
Web Developer

Harvest’s Building Digital Capability project sourced the most relevant and best practice courses on offer, which were further endorsed by Web Development firms involved in Web Developer Think Tanks. These employers assessed a host of courses and narrowed it down to their Top 3.

Web Developer
Software Developer Software Developer

A Bachelor in IT has some overlap to launch a career in Software Development. On further research, the region’s software development services firms agreed on the following key themes and within those the skills that would produce a Junior Software Developer.

Software Developer
IT Support Engineer

IT Support Careers can be found with IT Services firms and Managed Service Providers and larger companies have their own internal department. Most IT Services firms either hire individuals with a Certificate III or IV in IT and provide more training on the job or gain those with an interest and develop their IT support team members from there. The overall consensus was a IT Support Engineer would possess deep understanding (than that of a user) of four major themes and further skills in other areas would be of interest to a IT Services firm.

IT Support Engineer
Improving Digital Capability for the Generalist

This is one of the highest priority "future of work" skills sought by organisations globally. Employers believe employees should have sufficient knowledge of the technology they use to know the possibilities that this technology brings.

Improving Digital Capability for the Generalist

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