Digital capability, digital literacy, digital dexterity. Regardless of the label, it represents those skills sought for the future of work. The future of work is one that combines technology in an individual’s day to day delivery of their role and tasks. It is seen as the key skill that underpins all other skills (human, functional, and social) know-how and experience required to perform optimally. 

Exciting NEW Digital Fundamentals Course. 

The Digital Fundamentals course is suitable for anyone who wants to become tech savvy and competent when working with technology in the workplace. 

You’ll learn the basics of different devices from desk-top computers to smartphones, the physical tools for digital work. 

Discover “what is the cloud”. The rapid move to the Cloud saw some of the basics, missed. This module will help you understand what cloud-based computing really means.

The majority of workplaces have or are moving to a Cloud platform or application – Microsoft 365. Learn what it is and the basics of common Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams and Powerpoint.

Enrol in one module … enrol in them all. 

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Why study with us?

Industry Recognised

Receive a Certificate of Completion as an official recognition of your competencies and practical skills in Digital Fundamentals. As digital capability is trusted by organisations as a future or work skill, adding this credential to your CV or LinkedIn profile can boost your employability.


The online nature means you can complete the Digital Fundamentals course in your own time. Increase pace for immediate onboarding or upskilling to perform in your role today or complete a module as needed around current priorities and embed digital skills into your repertoire over time.

Practical Skills

The digital competency that students glean from the course can be directly applied to work that integrates with technology today. Students will be furnished with digital skills to use a host of devices and understand the “Cloud” and its most common application, Microsoft 365.

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