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Tap into our HR Roundtables and HR Masterclasses or join us at the Geelong HR Summit and gain key HR insights or download the Event Calendar for 2020.

Orchestrate your organisation’s Professional Development program across Workforce Planning, Conflict Management, Mediations and Workplace Investigations, Leadership, Mental Health & Wellbeing (including Mental Health First Aid*) and Culture and Transformation (download the individual PDF’s for each Professional Development Program + Kate Meadows course).

*Accredited training program


Join the Geelong HR Nexus and affiliate with HR peers and guarantee your seat at the region’s prestigious HR events.**

Participate and gain insights into the region’s HR trends through the Geelong HR Index.

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Harvest has over 15 HR partners for your HR needs. Your very own HR and People Solutions department without the headcount.

Meet your needs in HR compliance, employment contracts, employment handbooks and HR policies and procedures to bespoke programs in organisational design, workforce planning, employee relations (including conflict management, mediations and investigations), leadership (coaching, mentoring, program facilitation), mental health and wellbeing and culture and change management.

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Our HR & People services include


Harvest will partner with you to identify, diagnose and analyse any situation or matter that arises from “Hello” to “Goodbye”. Our style is to provide you with frank and honest advice you need to move your organisation forward. Our HR Roundtables and HR Masterclasses are designed to help equip you with the tips and the tools to ensure your organisations are fit, healthy and engaged.

Workforce Planning and Talent Management

We can help you design a strategic approach through organisation design fundamentals and strategic workforce planning including addressing capability and capability frameworks. Our workforce planning experts will help you map your organisation for its future work force needs. Once identified we can work with you to attract and acquire top talent.

Compliance and Employee Relations

Employing, onboarding, inducting and managing people is becoming increasingly complex and organisations large and small must be HR compliant. We can assist with developing employee handbooks and key HR policies and procedures, position descriptions, contracts as well as employee file management. Award and EBA interpretation support is also available. We provide experts for “sticky” situations from conflict management to mediations and workplace investigations and navigating workplace grievances and complaints.


An organisation’s culture is driven by its leaders and its leaders’ capability and behaviour. Our leadership coaches have facilitated the “Emerging Leaders” and “Developing Leaders” programs. Alternatively, we can tailor leadership coaching, mentoring and support to the individual needs of your organisation’s leaders. Our programs address what it takes to be a leader, key models and leadership tools and leadership dimensions.

Mental health and wellbeing

With the meteoric rise of mental health injuries in the workplace combined with the employer’s responsibility for the holistic health of its workforce, there’s never been a better time to address employee mental health and wellbeing. With accredited trainers, organisational psychologists and counsellors your workers can undertake Mental Health First Aid training, access EAP or gain tools and tips for self-care, combatting fatigue and burn-out or increasing resilience through our bespoke workshops.

Culture, EVP and the Future of Work

Many organisations seek to improve their cultures whether through evolution or revolution. Our Culture and Change Practitioners have frameworks and methodologies to analyse current and ideal cultures, address the shift required to reach a new culture, put in place measures and actions to make the change and embed and align a culture to make transformation stick. As organisation’s transform, our transformation leaders will address how work is done, who does the work and the operating models required. With a new corporate culture and values embedded we can help create an enduring Employee Value Proposition to attract and retain top talent.

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If you just need some support and guidance, the Harvest team is happy to help you out with any stage of your recruitment cycle. This includes everything from crafting Position Descriptions, advertisements and sourcing strategies, screening applications, identifying great candidates, telephone screening and shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking.

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