Getting A Job

Females Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling – Personal Story and Tips from a Talented Engineer

October 26, 2016 | Career Pathways, Getting A Job Harvest Recruitment had the privilege of meeting Geelong Engineer, Vicki Shelton, some years ago at an Engineers Australia conference and Vicki and Harvest Director, Maree Herath still catch up to this day, whether discussing business, sport, travel or theatre; all interests Maree and Vicki share. As she dabbled in Podcast interviews, Vicki agreed to be...
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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

March 7, 2016 | Getting A Job, Interviewing It is a common misconception that interviews cannot be prepared for.  In fact many variations of questions will crop up time and time again in interviews. Given that interviews can be an incredibly daunting experience for many people, it makes sense that candidates should prepare as best they can. In Harvest HR’s Interview Skills Workshops...
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Is there a future for Geelong Engineers?

April 8, 2015 | Career Choices, Career Coaching, General, Getting A Job, Getting Back To Work, Redundancy Geelong has been the subject of a declining manufacturing sector for some years now and the recent closure of Alcoa and its ripple effect is now being felt across the region. Behind the scenes of new industry growth, capital expansion, plant improvements or day-to-day maintenance is the Engineering sector. These companies provide qualified engineers to...
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