“How will anyone be convinced I’m worthy of the job when I can’t even convince myself?”

In the world of recruitment and employment, the difference between the best and the rest often lies in an individual’s understanding of their worth. On the other side of the spectrum those in career transition get stuck and one of the biggest brakes to moving onwards and forward lies in one’s perceived value.

Often during periods of transition or turmoil we lose sight of who we are and our capabilities. We question whether our skills and knowledge are enough.

Self-belief is fundamental to making progress both in your search for a job and understanding your capabilities once you have landed your desired position. To help you reach that point of understanding, below are some tips to guide you along the way.

Who do you admire?

Think about people you admire. They may be part of your workplace, a family member or friend, or they may even be a celebrity. What can you learn from them? Consider what qualities they possess that appeal to you and how you can emulate them.

You are valuable

Everyone has a place within the work environment. It is important that you recognise that place and believe that what you have to offer has value to someone. What you believe about yourself and your place in the world of work is expressed in your choices and actions. Whatever you want to achieve you need to believe that it can and will happen, and work towards reaching that point.

You are capable

Believe your skills are useful and you are competent and capable. If you feel the knowledge and experience you have gained so far in your career is not enough, go and gain further training or experience! If you are already in a position and are questioning your capabilities remember, you were hired because of your skills, experience and attributes. Out of the entire pool of candidates, you were the one the one they chose to hire because your employer has confidence in your ability to get the job done and so should you.

If after considering the above three points your confidence is still lagging, ask for honest feedback on your performance and be prepared to take it on board. Read countless books on self-confidence, attend seminars, complete exercises and ask for feedback, but at the end of the day, if you do not apply what you have learnt you will not progress anywhere.

If you’re feeling a lag of self belief, our expert Career Coaches are here to help you. Contact Harvest Careers.

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