When we hear about “The Great Return” you could be mistaken for thinking this refers to the masses returning to work post pandemic. Think again says Jackie Matthews. 

Work returning back to the way it was.

When we hear about “The Great Return” at the moment, you could be mistaken for thinking this is about the masses returning to work after the pandemic. All those computer screens, hard drives, office chairs and water coolers getting packed back up and taken back into the office as we finish our “work from home” life.

Discussions we are hearing with leaders of organisations globally are referring to “The Great Return” as something very different.

If you have been following the media and the talk around a post pandemic workforce you may also have heard about “The Great Resignation.” This is big news on the streets. When a business goes back to ‘normal’ we will see a great shift in the power of the employment relationship. Traditionally the employer has held the power of dictating when and where an employee works, the benefits associated with the job and in some cases even the clothes they wear.

After an extended period of being able to prove themselves with their own autonomy, productivity and a much awaited lifestyle adjustment, employees are now in a position to speak up about their own needs and wants in the employment relationship. And if these needs are not met, they will resign and find another employer who is offering a more new world way of working.

Now here is the twist!

What employees will come to realise is that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

We are already seeing people leaving and then wanting to come back.

This is where employers need to be putting as much focus on the outboarding as the onboarding of employees. Understanding that people will want to move for their own progression, a change of scenery (after seeing the same people on their Teams meetings for the past 18 months!).

Here’s a Tip – give them the amazing send off they deserve. Leave a lasting impression so that your people will want to come back.

Then welcoming them with open arms when they knock on the door for their “Great Return.”

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