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Geelong HR Roundtable –

The positive impact of Design Thinking on the Employee Experience.


The Geelong HR Roundtable is a collaborative and interactive knowledge sharing event, hosted by Harvest Human Resources.  We invite you to join us for our 1 November, 2018 event.

Inductions, on-boarding, recruitment, performance reviews, re-locations, engagement surveys, learning evaluations …

What do all these words have in common?

These employee experiences will either result in shivers of delight or shivers of despair.

As candidates and potential employees become more discerning about where they choose to work there is now a greater emphasis on creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture and providing the optimum employee experience.

But how do you create a ‘delightful’ experience for a range of very different people?

How you do transform traditional and deeply ingrained systems and processes without wreaking havoc?

How can you deliver engaging employee experiences without breaking the bank?


Enter Design Thinking.


Design Thinking is all about creating positive experiences.

It does this by putting the user at the centre of the challenge and designing every aspect of the experience around them.

This means digging deeply into how they, think, feel and act, and actively involving them in the design process.

This achieves two powerful things:

1. Employees feel empowered

2. The outcome truly reflects their needs.

Design Thinking also loves constraints, with budget and resource limits used as drivers in the creative process.

It’s the ultimate win:win framework.

Facilitated by Andrew Jones, the co-founder of leading Design Thinking and Innovation firm G2 Innovation, you will walk away with:

  • An understanding of the ins and outs of the Design Thinking framework
  • The knowledge of how Design Thinking transforms employee experiences and your organisation as a whole
  • New skills for creating high performing HR teams

Event Details


When: Thursday 1 November,   10am to 12pm

Where: G2 Innovation. Powerhouse 1, Federal Mills. 33 Mackey St, North Geelong  *stair access only

Cost: $30 per head

Get in quick!  Numbers are limited for this event.


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G2 Innovation Geelong Andrew JonesAbout our Facilitator

Andrew Jones – Co-founder – G2 Innovation Group. 

G2 Innovation is an innovation training and coaching firm working with clients across the globe to embed and drive innovation for growth.   Using a tailored approach of skill development, dynamic tools and mentoring, G2 inspires and embeds long lasting innovation growth in the organisations they work with, helping them to make the leaps they have been searching for.


G2 Innovation work with a large number of companies including Delaware North, Bendix Brakes, Backwell IXL, Queensland Government, MYOB, KPMG & The TAC.

Andrew believes that the future is there to be made, not feared. He is unerringly passionate about innovation and its integral link to value creation and growth, and is dedicated to training people to innovate. Originally an Industrial Design Engineer, Andrew has spent 20 years working with companies, helping them to develop and grow through innovation. This includes successful collaborations with brands such as; Parker Pen, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nurofen, Scholl, Gaviscon as well as a large number of SMEs.

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