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Change Leadership.


The Geelong HR Roundtable is a collaborative and interactive knowledge sharing event, hosted by Harvest Human Resources.  We invite you to join us for our 27 February, 2019 event.

Tina Daisley presenter Geelong HR Roundtable

There are many great change management programs, online tools and supports.  We always hear how ‘change is a constant’ in today’s world.  Its true.  In fact, change is the norm. Incremental change, large transformation and everything in between.  To survive, organisations and leaders need to be constantly evolving, but in a deliberate way.

This round table will give you the opportunity to think about the bit we often ‘have to’ fast track during change – the people part.

No matter what change model you follow, experience and plenty of research tells us change programs fail more than 70% of the time.  Learn how to LEAD change, not manage it, and increase the odds of you being in the 30% of success stories:

  • How to talk about change with your people when you don’t have all the answers
  • The art of embracing ambiguity
  • Knowing when and how to communicate about the change program/initiative
  • Be a change leader not a change manager
  • Avoiding change fatigue for yourself and your people


Event Details


When: Wednesday 27th February, 2019   10am to 12pm

Where: James Leslie Council Chamber.  Level 4, Deakin Waterfront, corner Eastern Beach Rd and Cunningham Street.  Please enter via Cunningham St and take the lift to Level 4.

Cost: $30 per head

Get in quick!  Numbers are limited.


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Tina Daisley Geelong HR Roundtable  Head ShotAbout our Facilitator

Tina Daisley

With over 20 years’ experience in the Australian Public Service, with more than 15 years in leadership roles, Tina is a certified coach, trained mediator, experienced facilitator and people strategist. Tina enjoys working with leaders and has a particular focus on building confidence through an understanding of your leadership style and strengths, helping you build a career and life blend that supports achievement of personal and professional success.


“Tina has the remarkable ability to create a safe space to talk about all the things which keep me awake at night … and she helps me identify the solutions that are right for me. She is able to do this in an enviornment of complete safety and trust. I treasure my conversations with her. And I always feel inspired and re-invigorated.”