Employers, don’t get to the stage of having a preferred candidate in the palm of your hands and then boom- it falls over!

In a talent short market, it is challenging enough to find candidates, yet alone finding a good one, making a job offer, only to have them not accept the offer.

By the time you are at offer stage, you and other stakeholders involved in the recruitment of the role would have invested a considerable amount of time in planning, sourcing, screening and selecting the right candidate.

Unfortunately, as experienced Talent Recruiters, we have seen the process come undone at the most critical stage – the offer.

The reasons a job offer falls over are several:

  • The company has not prepared the documentation to present, be it a formal letter of offer or contract of employment.
  • The company does not communicate with the candidate enough from the sourcing stage all the way through to the offer and the candidate is not as engaged with them as they are with the candidate.
  • The process is too drawn out after the interview and the candidate assumes they are no longer in consideration and takes another job.
  • The employer hasn’t sent any signals to tell the preferred candidate that they are preferred. When it comes time to offer the position, the candidate invariably does not accept.
  • The employer does not offer what the candidate wants. The candidate becomes ‘disenchanted’ and does not accept.
  • The offer is made too prematurely. The candidate is interviewed and offered in the same meeting without any time to digest the company or role offered.

You may think this would never happen. However, in the recruitment industry we have found this always happens.

Savvy recruitment consultants understand that all of these potential issues are at play and as they work with the client they will consult and coach on these areas and potential issues. Recruitment consultants also engage a high contact strategy with all candidates after the interview to ensure they know exactly what the candidate is thinking, so when an offer is made, the candidate will be more inclined to accept.

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