Is it time to update your Resume?

Are you like our team and addicted to renovation shows on TV?  The Block, House Rules, Renovation Rescue – you name it, if it’s about renovating ANYTHING, even wardrobes, it’ll be the tearoom subject of discussion the next day!

I guess as recruiters, we really like seeing potential realised.  And it’s a bit the same with careers and resumes.  I guess you could call us career renovators of sorts!

Remember a time when everyone wanted a spa, so a house with a spa was a real selling point.  And then we had the drought and suddenly spas became obsolete for 10 years.  Resumes can be a little like that – skills and experience that was valued 10 years ago may not be valued so highly these days with technology and the world of work being so dynamic.

Resume Renovation

So, when was the last time you looked at your resume?

Do you wait until a job opportunity comes up and then need to pull an all-nighter to get your resume fine-tuned?

A good resume is like a shiny clean bathroom – a delight to use and offer to the prospective employer.  Your resume is a summary of your skills and employment experience and it needs to be accurate, it needs to be concise and it needs to be readable.  You want to be proud of it when you send off your application.  The best time to attend to this is when you are not in a hurry and you can do it properly.

Many of advertised roles for receive a lot of applications.  Would your resume pass the 10 second test?  Because that’s about how long Employers and Recruiters often have to do the initial sort.

Whatever is on the first half page may be all that gets read!  What’s on the first half of your CV?  Does it address the key words in the advertisement?  Do you have 20 years of totally irrelevant detail and no time to condense it?  It’s hard to say this, but your resume to you is personal and subjective.  It represents relationships and experiences and is closely tied up with your identity in many instances.  But for the recruiter or employer, it’s just words on a page – and they are looking for the right words, particular words that describe the type of skills and experience THEY NEED.

Why don’t you pull up your resume right now and have a look at it – would it pass the 10 second test?

If not, talk to Harvest Careers and ask for a Resume Rescue.



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