There are not many jobs available in the summer months as Australian businesses hit pause.

As a job seeker you may think it’s just Christmas and January and you’ll be back at work. However when weeks and even months pass, the wind can literally be blown out of your sails.

Now, I would like to encourage you. Don’t give up hope in this quiet time. However, in addition to your job search it’s important you have a host of strategies up your sleeve to keep you sane, maintain a positive mind set and ensure your confidence is up when the right opportunity comes your way.

In anxious moments there are a number of negative thoughts that can enter your mind. Such as “Will I ever get a job?” “I’m no good” “It’s too hard” “Why bother” “I’m a failure!” They aren’t great thoughts but if you’ve been accustomed to being busy and you are now idle, your brain can play funny tricks. It’s important to keep such thoughts at bay.

Here are three anxiety busters you can implement straight away!

  1. Keep busy. They say an idle mind is the devils playground. Getting active and focused is a great way to zap those negative thoughts before they surface. Do some projects, clean your house, spruce up the garden, organise outings, arrange a dinner party or BBQ, learn a new skill, do a short course, consider further studies, take up a hobby, read, exercise, join a gym, play sport, learn or practice a musical instrument, involve yourself in community projects, volunteer. There are many outlets that can divert attention from your “unemployed” existence.  They will entertain you and can be hugely fulfilling and rewarding.
  2. Divert your attention to others. I find that when I’m down my thoughts are internalised and they are all about me! Some of you may get so bogged down in this type of thinking that you find it difficult to bring yourself back. But push through. Think of others. Friends, family, those less fortunate and do something for them. In doing so you recalibrate your mind. Your problems are no longer insurmountable and can be dealt with – one by one- in a positive manner.
  3. Expand your brain. When you are engaged in certain activities your thinking moves to a higher level. Once you move to a new level of mindfulness you see the world in a completely different manner. These quantum shifts in thinking significantly change the way you view problems.

Try some of these things to expand your brain!

  1. Traveling to foreign countries often gives you a much greater perspective of the world. Experiencing different cultures, languages and ways of living are truly experiences that change you. Head to a developing country and you will really see what struggle looks like. You return with a new sense and perspective of your challenges compared to many who are less fortunate.
  2. Reading books, especially those on neuroscience, mindfulness and other self help books allows you to understand why you think a certain way. It also gives you tools to apply so you can capture and redirect your thoughts instead of having them holding you captive.
  3. Further study, certificates, diplomas, degrees or a Masters qualification often gives you capabilities in a whole new realm. You leave your studies qualified in a whole new discipline which can be applied in a new vocation.
  4. Alternatively delve in to your creative side as learning a new instrument, singing, languages and art tap into the right side of your brain this can be an extremely rewarding outlet. It takes a great deal of time and practice to hone your abilities so it’s something you can do anytime and it can be an enriching experience


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