While the organisational hierarchy has flattened over the years and there isn’t as many promotional opportunities there once was, there are still positions you can aspire to. But how can you ensure you are not overlooked for that role that brings higher responsibilities and financial reward. Here are my Top 5:

  1. Constantly deliver

Be your manager’s right hand man or lady. Employees that continue to do well in their role and their team, make their manager’s role easier. By constantly hitting deliverables you help your manager achieve his or her goals. When you are doing this your manager will consider you when it comes time for a promotion.

  1. Channel your soft skills

Many individuals are technically proficient but it is those with more rounded skill sets who access promotions. These include: communication, presentation, negotiation, team building, leadership, performance under pressure and conflict resolution skills, to name a few. Aim to build these soft skills to complement your hard skills and you’ll be on the right track.

  1. Know where the opportunities are

imagesIf you are one of many in an organisation, get the organisation chart and do some research  into the hi
gher level roles. Ask people in those positions how they got there. What extra studies have they done? What skills do they possess to perform in this role. By asking around you can hone in on the path of progression you’d like to take. Have an honest conversation with your manager about these roles, where he/she thinks you need to develop in order to access a role such as this and what training the organisation could provide (plus additional training) to help you get there.


  1. Start taking on responsibilities of the higher role

Once you know where you want to head, look at the extra duties and
responsibilities of the position you’d like to be considered for. Then, incrementally start taking on the requirements of that role. It could be taking on projects with similar tasks or relieving managers of some of their burden. When it comes time for your review you can show how you’ve helped with higher duties. By doing so your manager can see you have more in you than the day to day tasks of your current role and, when there is the opportunity, will more often present a bigger role if you demonstrate you have it in you to perform at a higher level.

5. Be nice

You’ve heard the saying “flattery will get you everywhere” and never is it truer than in the workplace. Studies show that there is no limit to the amount of flattery your boss can tolerate. In addition, employees who compliment their bosses stand out as likeable and smart. We see it in many workplaces, those that embellish their bosses are the first to receive promotions and pay rises.

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Article written by Maree Herath, Director of Geelong Recruitment Agency, Harvest Recruitment.

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