Responding to Crisis

When times change rapidly, you need to know and be confident of your HR direction. Harvest HR & People Solutions offering has been adapted for the HR needs of business to enable businesses to respond with confidence to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 'Workforce Management in Crisis'…

The ‘Workforce Management in Crisis’ webinar series was an added bonus to access. In a time of rapid change due to COVID-19 and information coming in thick and fast from multiple areas, it was valuable to have these sessions available. Thank you Harvest HR for this series and the great work you have done in establishing a comprehensive Professional Development program for HR professionals in the Geelong region!

An informative event with good…

An informative event with good presenters. I found the event to be very beneficial.

Thank you Harvest!

Diversitat was lucky enough to participate in two Self Care sessions delivered by Harvest Recruitment as part of their Workforce Management response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Arrangements were made quickly and without any hassles, both sessions were informative and helpful and the facilitator was excellent. Congratulations Harvest on an excellent program.

I think the workforce planning session…

I think the workforce planning session was great, very informative

Building and cultivating resilience is…

Building and cultivating resilience is such an important aspect of both our personal and professional lives. Melanie’s experience and knowledge was very evident in this thought provoking workshop.

Jennifer G
Harvest give back

Harvest are very generous with their contribution to the local HR community providing regular opportunities for learning, networking and sharing. The topics are always relevant and the speakers are of good quality and experience.

Leanne P

Our HR & People offerings include

Human Resource Compliance – “Working from Home Essentials”

When the world of work changes your employees will be navigating the “work from home” terrain, some for the first time. The key for you is to keep your workers working and maintain staff health, safety and wellbeing with the home environment.

We can help you with a Working from Home Essentials pack including a Guide plus examples of templates including a Working from Home Policy, Safety Checklist and Safety Declaration. Our safety inspectors can assist inspect home environments or we can build a communication framework that keeps you informed and your employees engaged even when remote.

Harvest has a complete Working from Home Essentials pack for $49.95 (incl GST) comprising:

  • A 30 minute recorded Webinar
  • A Working from Home Guide
  • A Working from Home Policy Template
  • A Working from Home Safety Checklist & Employee Declaration
  • An Example of a Mental Health & Wellbeing Program to navigate COVID-19

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Workforce Management in Crisis Packs are available for purchase for $99.95 (incl GST) and includes over 25 pages of:

  • Expert articles
  • 4 x 30 minute Recorded Webinars
  • A Working from Home Guide
  • A Working from Home Policy Template
  • A Working from Home Safety Checklist & Employee Declaration
  • An Example of a Mental Health & Wellbeing Program to navigate COVID-19
  • A Workforce Planning Guide

Purchase a Workforce Management in Crisis Pack today

Agile Workforce Planning

We can help you respond to your landscape, play out scenarios and model your workforce accordingly. When you’re juggling so many balls this is one area to throw to the experts. The right workforce balance, numbers and capabilities will ensure you survive and thrive beyond your present situation.

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Employer Obligations, Employment Relations & the Law

Under pressure, worker’s rights and employer obligations become a major focus. Our employment lawyers will help you in considering your strategy for releasing staff be it standing down, leave with or without pay or letting staff go. You need to be confident of your strategy and actions with the peace of mind that it won’t come back to bite you. We partner with you to ensure you meet your obligations, employees receive their entitlements with the least disruption to you and your business.

Remuneration and Benefits

In considering changed conditions, employers can take advantage of the current situation. It’s the opportune time to bring back leave and leave entitlements to manageable numbers. Our Remuneration and Benefits experts will help you structure the staff leave matrix and remuneration options that work best for you.

Resilience Workshops

If you’re keeping your staff but they are underutilised there may never be a better time to invest in their development than now. Our remote webinars can see your employees come out of this situation stronger and more resilient than when they went in. Undertaking a program in self-care, resilience, mindset, stress management or mindful movements may be a magic pill for employees whose anxiety is getting the better of them.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

We will partner with you to put in place measures to address mental health and wellbeing. Stress, anxiety, loneliness and isolation are key triggers for mental health injuries. Our accredited mental health experts and counsellors can help you put in place strategies and structure for isolated workers and ensure work-life balance is achieved.

Harvest’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs start from as little as $25…

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

When it becomes too much, your employees may need professional assistance. Harvest EAP is a regionally based confidential counselling service conducted by registered clinical psychologists. Sessions can be held in webinar or video link format or via the phone. Don’t have your workers go over the edge in this trying time when there is support at hand.

Outplacement and Career Transition

Falling under Harvest’s Careers umbrella, our outplacement is a comprehensive and local solution for businesses going through transition, transformation or smaller scale realignments.

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If you just need some support and guidance, the Harvest team is happy to help you out with any stage of your recruitment cycle. This includes everything from crafting Position Descriptions, advertisements and sourcing strategies, screening applications, identifying great candidates, telephone screening and shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking.

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Working from Home Essentials Pack

I would like to purchase a Working from Home Essentials Pack at $49.95 + GST. Please contact me to arrange delivery.

Workforce Management in Crisis Pack

I would like to purchase a Workforce Management in Crisis Pack at $99.95 + GST. Please contact me to arrange delivery.