Introducing Harvest HR

What can recruitment agency and boutique recruitment firm in Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Construction offer that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ firm can’t? See the Harvest Recruitment approach to human resources.

Employment Agencies Geelong – Client Testimonials

Employment agencies Geelong offer a range of recruitment services to employers. Hear how Harvest Recruitment’s clients engaged this company as their preferred recruitment agency in Geelong.

Confident Hiring

Many small business owners struggle when it comes to recruiting staff. Maree Herath, Director of Harvest Recruitment introduces her recruitment framework and outlines the key steps to recruitment success. Her book “Bodysnatchers – Unlocking the Secrets of The Recruitment Industry” available at is the ultimate recruitment resource for small business owners who want to recruit staff confidently and successfully themselves.

How to Ensure Your Preferred Candidate Accepts the Job

Too many employers invest so much time and effort into the recruitment process. The last thing you want at the end is to lose your candidate for reasons that often can be avoided. Learn how to get your candidate over the line and joining your organisation.


Harvest Human Resources Director, Maree Herath, shares why she wrote her book – “Bodysnatchers – Unlocking the Secrets of the Recruitment Industry”

Whether you are a business owner embarking on your next recruitment process, an in-house recruitment team member or an entrepreneur with an appetite for growth, Maree’s book is designed specifically for you.

Learn how Harvest Recruitment partnered with a start-up manufacturer to recruit its new team

One of Harvest Recruitment’s Clients Refit a Warehouse into a State of the Art Manufacturing Facility. They needed to acquire key talent to achieve their launch date. Here, Site Manager, Guy McLaren shares how Harvest Recruitment recruited the bulk of the start-up team.

Director of Harvest Recruitment, Maree Herath, launches her book “Bodysnatchers”

In March 2014, Maree launched her first book “Bodysnatchers – Unlocking the Secrets of the Recruitment Industry”. Maree designed this book for three reasons:
1. As a internal resource for companies recruiting themselves
2. A training tool for inhouse recruitment teams and recruitment consultants entering the profession
3. As a ready reckoner for small business owners to reference when they are ready to grow.

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Managing difficult people, preparing for the performance review

Are you planning for your performance reviews? Director of Harvest Human Resources, Maree Herath outlines key tips for proactive managers as to assist have the difficult discussions with employees and better manage their staff.

The essential elements of a position description

The fundamental document that accompanies any recruitment activity is the Position Description. Director of Harvest Recruitment, Maree Herath shares the essential elements of a position description. Recruitment templates can be purchased at

Five interview tips for employers

Employers can gain from refining their interviewing skill set as the interview, if performed well, can be a key determinant for employing your next staff member. According to Maree Herath, Director of Boutique Recruitment Firm, Harvest Recruitment, the top 5 interview tips for employers  include:
1. Be clear on what you are looking for
2. Be consistent
3. Ensure you ask questions around values fit.
4. Ask the important questions.
5. Practice behavioural interviewing.

Sourcing candidates – what media channels to use to attract candidates

Join Harvest Recruitment Director, Maree Herath as she explains a range of media you can access to attract candidates. She dissects, job boards, newspaper, websites, social media – including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, Google Advertising, industry magazines and posting in the window of your business. Maree looks at benefits and some pitfalls of each media channel.

Key signs you are ready to grow your business

Harvest Recruitment Director, Maree Herath, discusses what holds managers back from growing and key indicators that point proactive managers towards growth. Examples include when work peaks become the norm, customer service levels drop, new projects or contracts are awarded or new products are introduced, customers complain or staff fatigue. So, be conservative yet smart as you grow your business.

Staffing for growth-key considerations for resource planning

Staffing for Growth and Resource Planning – Director of Harvest Recruitment, Maree Herath shares her insights on management considerations for staffing for growth. What does growth in an organisation look like? Maree addresses what growth may mean to employers and the staffing elements required to achieve such growth. Consideration must also be given to the key person in the business, their strengths and the role they play.

Your workplace recruitment strategy and how to engage a consultant

Partnering with a recruiter is one of a few effective ways to implement your organisation’s workplace planning strategy. Maree Herath, principal of Harvest HR, highlights the importance of sharing vital information with your recruiter about your organisation, its vision and the specifics of the role you are looking to fill, to successfully attract the right candidates to your organisation.

Recruitment agency and part services

Maree Herath, founder of boutique recruitment firm Harvest Recruitment, illustrates how working with a recruitment agency can help your company take out the biggest bottleneck in your recruitment process.

Working with a recruitment agency

What are the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency? Maree Herath, Principal of boutique recruitment firm Harvest Recruitment, explains how outsourcing your company’s recruitment needs can save you time and effort.

How to prepare for an interview

We walk you through the essentials in preparing for an interview, what type of questions to expect, and how to leave a lasting impression.

HarvestHR client testimonial

See why an international manufacturing company looked to Harvest Recruitment in their quest to attract a highly skilled labour working offshore.

What is a position description?

The fundamental document that accompanies any recruitment activity is the Position Description. Director of Harvest Recruitment, Maree Herath shares the essential elements of a position description. Recruitment templates can be purchased at

Successful recruitment – using LinkedIn as a candidate sourcing tool

Harvest Recruitment Director, Maree Herath, discusses how to use LinkedIn to recruit industry specialists and professionals.