Harvest are here to help you get the HR stuff right

At Harvest, we are experts in building talent in the Geelong region.

We partner with lots of different organisations to devise, craft and deliver purposeful solutions across the employee lifecycle.

We make it our business to understand your business so that you get exactly what you need.

Your very own HR department without the headcount.

What’s not to like about that?

Our HR and people solutions include:


Harvest will partner with you to identify, diagnose and analyse any situation or matter that arises from “Hello” to “Goodbye”. Our style is to provide you with the frank and honest advice you need to move your organisation forward. We can help equip you with the tips and the tools to ensure your organisation’s are fit, healthy and engaged.


One of our favourite things to do is explore your organisation’s employee experience with you. We can help you map out and model your entire employee experience journey, analysing every touch point your employee has with the organisation, gauging how they feel and identifying areas of opportunity to take your company from great to exceptional.

Strategy and Planning

We can help you design a strategic organisational roadmap that will support and enable your company to achieve its goals and objectives through its most valuable resources – its people. We can partner with you to understand your company’s vision and what that means for the workforce.

Talent Management

We love nurturing talent. We can work with you across the entire talent management framework from ‘Attraction’ to ‘Development’ to ‘Retention’. We can help you define your talent management strategy, mobilise your high-performers, and provide you with all the tips and tools you’ll need to enable your workforce to thrive.

HR Compliance and People Operations

We can help you out with everything from the “Have To Do’s” to the “Nice To Have’s”. This includes HR policy and procedure development, contracts, employee files management, Award and EBA interpretation and much, much more.


Further information

To find out more about our regional HR and people solutions, including having an outsourced HR Manager, give Aaron at Harvest HQ a call on 1300 363 128.