Getting Back To Work

Is there a future for Geelong Engineers?

April 8, 2015 | Career Choices, Career Coaching, General, Getting A Job, Getting Back To Work, Redundancy Geelong has been the subject of a declining manufacturing sector for some years now and the recent closure of Alcoa and its ripple effect is now being felt across the region. Behind the scenes of new industry growth, capital expansion, plant improvements or day-to-day maintenance is the Engineering sector. These companies provide qualified engineers to...
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Jana Pittman

3 tips career changers can gain from Jana Pittman’s transformation to Winter Olympian

January 7, 2014 | Career Choices, General, Getting Back To Work, Recruitment Trends In the build-up to the Winter Olympics, its interesting to watch the journey of Summer turned Winter Olympian Jana Pittman. Jana is a two-time World Champion and Olympian for the 400m hurdles and has transitioned and will be competing in the Women’s Bobsleigh Team in Sochi this February. Her journey highlights three tips career changers...
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Profiling – how personality and psychometric profiles can steer your career

March 3, 2013 | Applying For Jobs, General, Getting A Job, Getting Back To Work, Recruitment Tips In previous editions we have addressed how identifying our passions, our skills, our likes and dislikes allow us to learn more about who we are in preparation for our career search. The final and critical element is getting to know our personality. These are our traits, our psychology, what makes us tick, what motivates us,...
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