Employee Engagement

How to Present Your Job Opportunity to Active Qualified Candidates using “seek”

March 1, 2017 | Employee Engagement, Employment Trends, Executive Search, Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Tips, Recruitment Trends, Resumes, Small Business We are all familiar with the ad with Karen Marshall enjoying a canoeing trip off the coast of Asia when she is approached by a Recruiter in another boat seeking exactly Karen’s skill set? “Karen…Karen Marshall! We’re looking for a Data Analyst!” Calls the recruiter. Karen, at first, tries to get away and says to her...
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How well do you know your staff and what motivates them?

September 23, 2016 | Employee Engagement It can be tricky to understand what motivates your employees to come into work every morning. Are they emotionally or rationally committed? Rational commitment is motivation purely based on the exchange of time, expertise and energy for financial compensation. In contrast, emotional commitment is where employees are driven to work because of the passion and...
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How Else to Keep Staff Engaged at Work?

September 10, 2016 | Employee Engagement, General In 2014, a Direct Health Solutions survey found that 45% of short-term absences were the result of “chucking a sickie”. The survey estimated that absenteeism cost the Australian economy $32.5 billion in lost wages and lost productivity. Evidently Australian’s aren’t engaged at work. How then can an organisation get the most out of their employees? With...
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