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Is Uni right for you

Is Uni right for me?

November 15, 2018 | After VCE, Career Coaching, Career Pathways What have you decided? Are you off to Uni next year? Do you know what you plan on studying for the next 3 plus years? It’s all new and exciting and sometimes it can be a little challenging to navigate. Geelong Careers Specialist Tanya Derrett-Houghton lends a hand.   Tanya Derrett-Houghton Careers Specialist Geelong If...
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VCE over what's next

VCE completed. What’s next?

November 8, 2018 | After VCE, Career Coaching, Career Pathways With over 13 years’ experience in helping people understand and define their next steps, Geelong Careers Specialist Tanya Derrett-Houghton, faces a challenge when her own son finishes VCE and asks “what’s next”?   Tanya Derrett-Houghton Careers Specialist Geelong High school done and dusted As the parent of an 18-year-old who has just finished year 12,...
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Contemplating a Career Change this Year?

January 19, 2017 | Career Coaching You’ve taken a short break while your office was closed over the Christmas period. And now you find yourself dreading to go back to work. Perhaps a career change is on the cards. If you think that that may be an option for you, here are five tips to prepare you for a new career...
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Finding Your Sweet Spot

August 21, 2016 | Career Choices, Career Coaching I recently read a great book entitled, ‘Sweet Spot Careers’ by Maria Simonelli. In it she outlines very comprehensively an approach to finding your career sweet spot by first doing a bit of self-assessment work, understanding your strengths and offerings to the world of work and also researching what is out there that would best...
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Preparing for the internal recruitment process

July 4, 2016 | Career Coaching I see a great deal of candidates each week who are seeking their next career challenge. Often, these candidates are looking for a step up in terms of role and responsibilities or an increment in salary. Many do not move forward as they haven’t got the requisite experience required for the position in question. I...
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