Geelong HR Index Survey 2022.

The Harvest HR Index surveys the Geelong Region’s employers around:

  • Employment trends
  • Capability beyond the pandemic
  • Gaps and needs for the future of work
  • Hybrid and remote working
  • EVPs for your organisation
  • Attraction and staff retention

The 2022 Geelong HR Index.  Geelong businesses – we want your input please!

We will continue to learn about employment trends in the region and how the pandemic has impacted the region. Additionally, as many organisations narrowed their focus to their specific situation and circumstances and their individual response to the pandemic, it’s time for the region to share and learn from each individual organisation’s experience.


Why take part in the 2022 Geelong HR Index Survey?

By contributing to the HR Index, you can play your part in sharing your organisation’s  journey. This will form a picture of the region’s response and the survey report is categorised according to employer size and industry sector so you can see how your industry has performed amidst the pandemic.

Your contribution will add to our findings and increase our understanding of the Geelong region. Data can be used to respond to the challenges presented by the pandemic, identify skills challenges and take advantage of opportunities. By participating in the survey you will feed into the social and sustainable development of our great city.


How can you help?


If you are a Geelong based business and would like to take part in the Geelong HR Index (and receive results of the survey), please email

Results released 5 October 2022 at the Geelong HR Breakfast

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