We get you may not be actively looking for your next job but…. STOP GHOSTING RECRUITERS!

The market is red hot for jobs right now.

In the peak of the pandemic there were plenty of jobseekers and no jobs and now it’s flipped. There’s plenty of opportunity but where are the people?

Recruiters of all shapes and sizes are coming out of the woodwork and they want you for their job.

When you are approached by a recruiter …

You would have received a call, text, LinkedIn message, email… and the pursuit will continue unless you tell your Recruiter your current situation.

If you are definitely not on the market or interested in opportunity, be polite and just respond with:

“I’m happy in my current role, please feel free to revisit me in x months/years’ time.”

Recruiters are playing the numbers game and the numbers or potential candidates contacted for one role may be in the 100’s or for some roles 1000’s yes, 100’s of thousands of people are getting the call up of “would you be interested?”

Please don’t ghost us …

Today many people opt for a non-reply.

But this does not tell the recruiter anything and so the messages continue.

“Hey! We’ve got this great opportunity you need to consider. Call us!”

“Hi, I’m from X company do you want to discuss career options?”

“Hi. We’ve located you on our candidate database and just want to update your details and learn if you are actively or passively looking for jobs right now.”

“Hello – it’s me again, how are things travelling?”


“Anyone there?”

And I’m sure it’s getting under your skin.

My best advice, save a message in your notes on your phone or email inbox and copy/paste back to your recruiter.

It’s the polite and right thing to do.

We know markets swing and while today may be the candidate’s market tomorrow may not be so lavish nor abundant and that’s when you’ll be the one contacting recruiters saying:

“Hi, I’m on the market”

“Could you consider me for one of your jobs?”

“Hi, please don’t ignore me.”

“Hi – I want to speak to your manager because I just keep getting reject letters.”

It’s fickle, I know, but if you are on the market be clear you are but if not, just say so.

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