Hiring the ‘right-fit” for your organisation. Harvest provides handy tips for employers.

Many employers often assume that finding a candidate from a pool of potential employees is a straightforward task. Where many employers fall short is failing to recognise their candidate’s skills as only part of what they are looking for in a future employee, a significant part, but on their own not enough to call them the ‘right fit’.

Any manager knows all too well what a bad hire can cost their business, or alternatively the value a great recruit can add to their team. Out of the entire recruitment process, making an informed selection decision is one of the most complex and it cannot be taken lightly.

Fulfilling the role responsibility.

Ultimately you need to find someone who fulfills the responsibilities of the role. As a recruitment consultant I like to apply the 80:20 rule. That is, a candidate overlaps with 80% of the responsibilities and/or duties listed in the position requirements. The same applies for their qualifications however, much easier to distinguish as they either have the qualifications or they don’t. It’s important to point out that savvy applicants will pull the skills you have requested in your advertisement into their resume and therefore it is necessary to delve further during the interview process to ensure these do in fact align.

Personal attributes.

Once you have found a candidate that you consider fulfills the positions requirements, to gain confidence they are the ‘right fit’, you need to look at whether the candidate’s personal attributes overlap with those you are seeking.

Will they will work well within the team and will they fit with the organisations and your corporate values?

As a starting point look at your company’s vision and mission and what you and your company are striving to achieve. From here take note of what values you subscribe to as an organisation, what is your team like?

And importantly, what does your ideal team member look like in terms of attributes they display?

A helpful exercise is to consider an employee that has worked well and someone that perhaps didn’t quite fit into the team and discuss what can be learnt from both hires.

Team player.

It’s important that the individual being interviewed can see themselves at home in the role and as an integral part of the company.

As an employer you should look at what will be the measures of success in their first weeks, months with the company?

How will the individual be managed?

What other interactions will they be having, both internal and external to the organisation?

What is the structure of the organisation like? How detailed is their induction program?

Questions like these will help a candidate see themselves as a team member and as an employer confirm to you what the ‘right fit’ looks like.

An ideal fit addresses the role, its title, responsibilities, qualifications and skills required, but also looks at the individuals attitude, values, team orientation, work orientation and personality and all combined provide managers with the confidence to make an informed and confident hiring decision.

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