Harvest HR & People Solutions offers Leadership Programs in Geelong in the form of Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation.

In the 2019 Geelong HR Index over 60% of the 120+ employers that were surveyed said their leadership was either satisfactory or needed development.

Further in 2020 when many workplaces and workforces became disseminated leadership took on a new dimension with many organisations reporting their leaders needed to have many more touch points with their staff. The 2020 Geelong HR Index survey revealed 33% of workplaces were challenged with employee engagement amidst the crisis and almost half of those surveyed are addressing  capabilities across the organisation as a key initiative as we emerge from the pandemic.

Leadership Programs

Harvest’s  Leadership program addresses building leadership capabilities.

Harvest’s offering includes Leadership Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation.

We have hosted HR Roundtables and Masterclasses on the subject and this continues to be offered through half-day or full-day professional development workshops.

Appreciating that developing leadership skills is a journey; we have also established a six-month Leadership program in collaboration with our HR Nexus Partners.

Geelong 6-month Leadership Program

Workshop 1: Building Trust

Workshop 2: Managing Conflict

Workshop 3: Achieving Commitment

Workshop 4: Embracing Accountability

Workshop 5: Focus on Results

Workshop 6: Action Planning

This program is customisable – please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Geelong One day Leadership Workshop

This one day professional development program will provide participants with a breadth of knowledge, and interactive learning. The workshop will address the pathway to leadership, your leadership brand, developing a leadership mindset, leadership dimensions, communication and conflict in addition to resilience and wellbeing.

The program is interactive with a maximum of 25 participants with a full day’s program and full program resources provided.

Learning Objectives: 

Understand what it takes to be a leader

Unpack key models and leadership tools. When and how to apply them.

Understand Leadership Dimensions

Participant Experience
• Warm and nurturing facilitators to take you and/or your team on the leadership journey
• Lots of “Aha” Moments
• Leave with tools and tactics to build a high performing team
• While there is no “I” in team, learn the importance of “you” in leading your team

Key highlights
• High energy interactive workshop
• Significant opportunity to embed learning (within and outside the workshop setting)
• Handbook and resources to refer to upon return to the workplace

Half day programs are also available, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


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