From ‘Head of Remote’ to a workplace for fun only – the new world of work is emerging.

At Harvest recent HR Roundtable we learned from Wayne Robertson… on emerging trends. Here’s three hybrid working emerging trends you’ll want to know about.

  1. New Disciplines

 “Head of Remote”

New disciplines have evolved to manage new work models. There’s a new job title that exists already – “Head of Remote.”  this role will become more prevalent as organisations realise that hybrid working is here to stay. The Head of Remote is responsible for: engagement, culture, tools, processes, and systems.

“The only shot that hybrid has of working is if people invest in dedicated leadership to do it,” says GitLab Head of Remote and enthusiast of the remote working model, Darren Murph.

Worth a read is a Forbes article Murph was quoted in titled “The Next In-Demand Job Title: Head of the Future of Work.”

You can follow Darren Murph on Linkedin


  1. Using Working From Home as the Engagement Driver

 Sydney based Work Futurist, Dominic Price suggests “employees should spend about 20 per cent of their time together physically – although individuals may choose to spend more time in the office if, for example, they don’t have a suitable space to work at home.”

“I think the workplace is no longer about coming into process emails or to do routine or predictable kind of work. That’s just a waste of office space,” says Price.

You can read more of Dominic’s articles by following Dominic Price on Linkedin.


  1. Redesigning the use of office space.

Many organisations are repurposing their office to accommodate new ways of working.

Salesforce in San Francisco, 60 floors high, turned their office space into a “play campus” – cafés, collaboration rooms and celebration rooms. There’s no desks, not even for “hot desking”.  The office space is for connection and celebration only – with all “work” undertaken remotely. This extreme example was taken when they realised that 80% of their workforce do not wish to come back into the office full time post pandemic.

Closer to home, Robertson says Westpac in Sydney are sub-leasing half of their workspace as 50% of their workforce becomes remote.

And there you have it, the top three emerging trends.


Wayne Robertson.

Wayne Robertson, ex Leadership & Development Director, Wesfarmers Insurance currently works with US company YPO and works entirely remotely.

Harvest thanks Wayne Robertson for taking part in our February Geelong HR Roundtable “People Management in a Hybrid World.” Link to blog.

You can follow Wayne Robertson on Linked in


Where to from here? Save the Date.

Organisations and those managers who are trying to “squash” working from home, good luck, because hybrid working, although evolving, is here to stay.

If your organisation is not offering hybrid working, staff members will look for an organisation that is offering it and doing it well.

Harvest’s 20 July 2022 Geelong HR Roundtable will further explore the topic of “The Future of Work” with a line up of leading panellists. All welcome. 

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