How many times have we approached the New Year with confidence and bursting energy with the vision of being a better, healthier, fitter person?

Whether it be to lose a few of those dreaded kilos that are still hanging around, or it be to kick the habit of something we know isn’t good for us but we can’t bear to let it go.

We say and hear all too often ‘come the new year and this won’t be happening’ or ‘my last one, I’m promising myself’ or ‘I’m eating this now as tomorrow I start my new eating plan’. It has been proven, each year, more and more people start diets on January 1st than any other day of the year. Just how many stick to it is another question.

But do we approach the New Year with the same amount of confidence and energy, when we think about our career?

Here’s another statistic for you – the official working Monday returning from the end of year break, has more people depressed than any other day. Now this could be for a few reasons with some being; partners are still at home with children, post-holiday blues, lingering issues from the year before that weren’t resolved, but have we gone as far as asking ourselves “are we really happy in our current role?”

For some, it’s a tough question. For others, it’s straight out simple.

If the big question is a little confronting to ask straight up, here’s a few things that we find really helpful in self-assessment. Ask yourself:

  1. Do I like getting up to go to work? Now not everyone naturally springs out of bed at the first signs of morning but, to face another day at work shouldn’t be the world ends either.
  2. Do I generally feel satisfied once I have completed my work or project? Maybe the type of work you’re doing now is no longer satisfying.
  3. Can I honestly say “I like or love what I do”? We all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves to do those lingering unfinished tasks we really dislike, I see a big similarity to work we don’t like doing.

If you answer any of these questions with a negative, maybe it’s time to really sit down and look at what makes you “career happy”…

This question can quite often stump people but it’s simple to answer.

It may sound completely ‘old school’ but the easiest, straight forward way is to get a piece of paper and a pen and split it in to two columns and write these questions in each column; “what am I good at?” and “what do I enjoy doing?”. This can be role specific or in general terms but I think you might be surprised just at how much you really do know yourself and what it is you want.

Sometimes we just need to visualise and see it for ourselves.

We often ask candidates that are at a standstill or really don’t know what they want the same questions and, by the end of it, we have a much clearer understanding and know how to work with them the best. After all, if we, as recruiters can find what it is you’re looking for, then that makes us “career happy”…

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