So you have started your new role. Now it’s time to integrate into a new team.

You have been excited about this for weeks, months and for some of you years!

Well done, you took that leap of faith and landed the dream job and now the reality of a new work family is front and centre.

Just how do you get this group of people to accept you? How do you become one of them?

Integrating into a new team.

Every single one of us is unique and we each have our own unique personalities, behaviours and approaches. Therefore, every individual who has started a new role would have a different story to tell us about how they successfully integrated into their team.

Maybe you’re pretty confident, out-going and enjoy meeting new people and building new relationships. You’re chatty and make people laugh. You ask lots of questions and try to be involved in office activities.

Then there’s those of us who are very shy and would not feel comfortable reaching out and prefer a more formal working environment.

For these reasons we would not have the same approach to integrating into a new team, but we would find our own methods that suit our personalities.

Our advice to anyone who is the newest member of a team is to remind and tell yourself –  you were the one selected out of ALL the potential applicants to be the person sitting in your seat and that’s because your leaders decided you were the right person for the role and for the team. Consequently, the best strategy for integrating yourself, is simply to be yourself.

Whether you are a social butterfly, who wants to be involved, or a worker bee who prefers to keep yourself to yourself, whether you are someone who thrives with external influence, or someone who works best independently, be confident that you were hired for the unique qualities you bring to the team.

You probably won’t feel like part of the furniture over night because professional relationships, like any other, require time and attention to develop.

Have faith in your leaders, your teammates and yourself and before you know it you will be an integral part of your team and any doubts or worries will be a distant memory.

Good luck, we know you will be amazing.


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