The best digital courses for those interested in or considering a digital career.

As Project Manager of the Building Digital Capability Project for Geelong and Greater Geelong Harvest Talent Recruitment and People Solutions, thanks to the input of our Digital Employers, has developed a ready course reckoner for those interested in or considering a digital career.

Currently in regional centres, and possibly true Australia-wide, we lack digital talent to commence and progress into digital careers.

Individuals can complete a Certificate IV, Diploma or Degree in IT however the digital industry seek individuals who can “hit the ground running” with specific skills.

The research piece illuminated the skills and competencies required and while we await adoption or integration into formal education curriculum, there are courses today which can be accessed to build a bright digital career.

Building the skills and capacity in digital and technology is a key future of work skill that will be required globally and locally, within the Geelong Region.

The Building Digital Capability (DIGITAL) project undertaken in 2021 allowed for the development of innovative programs to build the skills and capacity of current and future digital workers. While focused on the Geelong and the Greater Geelong region the need stretches nationally and globally.

The Digital Program stands for the:

Development of
Innovative Programs to
IT & Digital
Talent and
Assert a Lasting Digital

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Entertaining entering into a Digital Career Pathway?

Find out which courses were the most sought after by our digital employers:

Web Developer

Software Developer

IT Support Engineer

Improving Digital Capability for the Generalist

Individuals who train or upskill would find themselves accessing employment and fast-tracking a digital career than those who complete a general IT qualification alone.

*Information gathered from a six-month industry engagement and research project on Digital Capability – Funded by the State Government of Victoria.

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