Conflict and Mediation in the workplace. Handy skills for anyone in a management role. 

Conflict is a fact of life and conflict in the workplace is no exception.

Employing and managing staff is becoming increasingly complex and organisations large and small must be HR compliant.

The role of a mediator is to help parties reach a solution to the issue and to arrive at an outcome that both parties are agreeable to.

The ability to successfully mediate in-house can save an organisation significant time and resources, not to mention thousands of dollars.

Brett Pomroy is a multi-skilled practitioner within the fields of Industrial Relations, Employee Relations, Equal Opportunity, Labour Management, OHS and WorkCover.

Harvest Talent Recruitment and People Solutions is pleased to welcome Brett back to Harvest to host a Geelong HR Roundtable on Mediation Skills for In-House Teams.

Brett will uncover the keys to a successful mediation process and impart tools that will allow you to mediate and resolve workplace issues as soon as they arise.

During this HR Roundtable Brett will discuss:

  • Mediation Overview
  • Process and Stages of Mediation:
    • Statements
    • Common Ground
    • Agenda
    • Exploration
    • Option Generation
    • Private Session
    • Negotiation
    • Agreement

An important angle to take on investigations and mediations is that they are increasing and we are seeing more and more of these end up in Tribunals and courts, so employers need to get them right.


Brett Pomroy

Brett Pomroy, Employment Lawyer

Brett Pomroy

Brett is a Certified and Registered Mediator and an Australian Lawyer.

Brett works with clients in Australia and abroad, providing expertise in labour management, with over 15 years’ experience in Workplace and Industrial Relations.

Early exposure to HR, fuelled a keen interest in the areas of Industrial, Workplace and Employee Relations, Workers Compensation and OHS.

Time in the sector has seen Brett work across a wide selection of industries and gain a great deal of experience and knowledge. Brett also has developed long term relationships with clients which he credits his personality, professionalism and ability to deliver.

Brett has a keen interest in building business within the global market which leads him to participate on a number of committees and interest groups and is currently studying to further his knowledge and qualifications in regards to labour management on an international scale. Brett is about business.

He believes in business and often provides his time, pro bono, to presentations and panels, where business owners and employees can participate and develop their knowledge in in the world of labour management.

Currently operating his own business, Blax Group, Brett provides Labour management solutions for clients. Blax Group, has gone from strength to strength, growing and expanding each year. Brett also works as a lawyer, for a firm specialising in employment and corporate law.

Brett’s background and education provides clients with a practical person who is qualified to handle any human resources issue they may have.

This session is not to be missed and is a worthy investment for anyone in a people management function.


Geelong HR Roundtable

This session took place in October 2021.  Click here for a re-cap of the session Mediation Skills for In House Teams. 

For future Geelong HR Roundtable Events, please go to our Events Page. 

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