A handy course guide for those interested in or considering a digital career.

As Project Manager of the Building Digital Capability Project for Geelong and Greater Geelong Harvest Talent Recruitment and People Solutions, thanks to the input of our Digital Employers, has developed a ready course reckoner for those interested in or considering a digital career.

Currently in regional centres, and possibly true Australia-wide, we lack digital talent to commence and progress into digital careers.

Individuals can complete a Certificate IV, Diploma or Degree in IT however the digital industry seek individuals who can “hit the ground running” with specific skills.

The research piece illuminated the skills and competencies required and while we await adoption or integration into formal education curriculum, there are courses today which can be accessed to build a bright digital career.

Here they are – hot off the press!

Web Developer






Skills Matrix & Courses

Programming Languageshttps://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/au/courses/programming-training/php-programming/
ProgramsSee below.
DatabasesSee below.
Holistic Courseshttps://generalassemb.ly/education/front-end-web-development/melbourne


Additional skill sets in Google https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage and Facebook https://www.opencolleges.edu.au/courses/business/marketing/facebook-advertising-short-course were identified where Web Development and Promotion intersect. Such companies call themselves Digital Agencies.



Software Developer

Software Developer

In regional centres such as Geelong Software Development firms have exited or partly exited the region, whether via a strategic decision of such organisations, international acquisition and moving Software Development teams wholesale offshore, or offshoring due to cost considerations. Larger organisations (particularly those with strong transformation agendas) hire Software Developers in-house.

A Bachelor in IT has some overlap to launch a career in Software Development.

On further research, the region’s software development services firms agreed on the following key themes and within those the skills that would produce a Junior Software Developer.


Skills Matrix and Courses

Programming LanguagesJavaScript

Knowledge Hut – https://www.knowledgehut.com/Software-development/javascript-brisbane#when


Knowledge Academy –https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/au/courses/java-training/


Knowledge Academy – https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/au/courses/microsoft-developer-training/programming-in-c-m20483-/

Knowledge Hut –


General Assembly – https://generalassemb.ly/education/front-end-web-development/melbourne

Academy Xi – https://academyxi.com/online-courses/front-end-web-development/


Udemy – https://tinyurl.com/mpu3bumc



The Knowledge Academy – https://tinyurl.com/4banez4c


The Knowledge Academy – https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/au/courses/devops/introduction-to-docker-training/


University of Sydney – https://cce.sydney.edu.au/course/SQL1


Knowledge Academy – https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/au/courses/microsoft-azure-training/

Nexttech –


Advanced Digital SkillsUX/CX

UX – RMIT – https://online.rmit.edu.au/course/sc-user-experience-design-dtr105

CX – RMIT – https://online.rmit.edu.au/course/sc-customer-experience-strategy-and-design-dtr103

UX/UI – Monash – https://tinyurl.com/338jhr3s

Project Management

Academy Xi – https://academyxi.com/online-courses/digital-project-management/elevate-part-time/

Digital Jobs Victoria https://djpr.vic.gov.au/digital-jobs

Included in the Program

Federation University – Introduction to IT Project Management

DDLS – Certified Project Management Professional


Holistic CoursesSwinburne – Diploma in Software Development

https://www.swinburne.edu.au/study/course/Diploma-of-Software-Development-ICT50718/local, or

Software Development Unit (https://www.swinburne.edu.au/study/courses/units/Software-Development-COS10005/local

Monash – Coding Bootcamp – become a Software Developer in 24 weeks https://bootcamps.monash.edu/coding/

Digital Jobs Victoria – https://djpr.vic.gov.au/digital-jobs includes:

Victoria Uni Polytechnic – Software Engineering

General Assembly – Python Programming



IT Services

IT Support Careers can be found with IT Services firms and Managed Service Providers and larger companies have their own internal department.

Most IT Services firms either hire individuals with a Certificate III or IV in IT and provide more training on the job or gain those with an interest and develop their IT support team members from there. The overall consensus was a IT Support Engineer would possess deep understanding (than that of a user) of four major themes and further skills in other areas would be of interest to a IT Services firm.


Skills Matrix & Courses


The CloudOffice 365

Udemy – (https://www.udemy.com/course/office-365-admin-and-troubleshooting-complete-course/ or https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-microsoft-exchange-server-beginner-to-master/

G – suite



The Knowledge Academy –

Keystroke Learning –


The Knowledge Academy


NextTech – https://www.nexttech.edu.au/our-courses/microsoft-azure)

ServersMicrosoft Exchange

The Knowledge Academy – (https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/au/courses/microsoft-exchange-server-training/

DDLS – https://www.ddls.com.au/courses/microsoft/exchange/microsoft-203451-administering-microsoft-exchange-server-2016

Microsoft Windows Server

Logitrain – https://www.logitrain.com.au/courses/microsoft-courses/server-2019-administration.html#1482138742659-00696c81-26ae

Knowledge Academy – https://www.theknowledgeacademy.com/au/courses/microsoft-windows-server-training/installation-storage-and-compute-with-windows-server-2016-m20740-/


VirtualisationVM Ware

Udemy – https://www.udemy.com/course/vmware-vsphere/

CybersecurityCyber Security

Holmesglen – Certificate IV in Cyber Security – https://holmesglen.edu.au/Courses/Computing-and-IT/Cyber-Security/Certificate-IV-in-Cyber-Security


DatabasesSQL & mySQL

University of Sydney – SQL Course: Level 1


Programming LanguagesWindows Server 2019

LinkedIn Learning


Holistic coursesCurrently offered as part of the Digital Jobs Victoria program  https://djpr.vic.gov.au/digital-jobs

Victoria University Polytechnic – IT Support Level 1


Individuals who train or upskill would find themselves accessing employment and fast-tracking a digital career than those who complete a general IT qualification alone.

*Information gathered from a six-month industry engagement and research project on Digital Capability – Funded by the State Government of Victoria.

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