Let’s face it, the job search is competitive.

As a job-seeker you want to be at the top of the pile when it comes to applications being considered, not languishing in the “not appropriate” or “not sure” group with little to no chance of getting the interview with a recruitment firm or your ideal employer.

So why are job-seekers using professionally written resumes?

1. The resume is the first impression you make

What do you want it to say about you? Job-seekers, when applying for roles face two key bottlenecks. First is getting from application to interview. This is where you are in with the crowd of would be applicants for the advertised role. If you can’t stand out and demonstrate suitability for the job in question you will simply be overlooked.

2. Job-seekers aren’t sure how much information to include in their resume

A resume must be the right balance between brevity and excess. Often I see resumes that don’t tell me enough about the candidate and their skills. Alternatively, I am lost in the detail smothered by overabundance of information and find it difficult to get to the crux of the candidate’s skill sets. As job seekers it’s hard to make the call. Is a 3 page resume the norm? What about the 1 page resume? It’s not about a prescriptive page limit but ensuring you demonstrate key skills, outline responsibilities and other pertinent information related to your application.

3. Most recruitment firms and larger companies use recruitment databases with keyword search capability

This is the SEO of the recruitment world. Like websites need to be abundant in key words according to their industry, resumes must emphasise key words that will bring you the top of key word searches for your specialisation and discipline. Many candidates don’t understand the science behind the recruitment software so a professionally written resume by someone “in the know” makes sense.

4. It forms the basis for continual modification and tailoring for specific roles

Once job-seekers learn the secrets behind a well written, formatted resume that dances in front of the eyes of employers, they can ensure they continue to make necessary adjustments so their resume is unique for each role applied for.

5. It yields interviews!

Often we follow up our job-seekers for whom we have created a professional resume or assisted with response to selection criteria and are pleased when we hear they gained an interview for the role because of their professional document they presented to their prospective employer. Then it’s up to them to shine.


So if you are tired of being overlooked when applying for jobs, consider a professionally written resume. It speaks volumes and will give you the best chance to move forward in the recruitment process. Professionally written resumes will give you the jump on your competition and, in today’s market, you want to be landing that job!

If you need assistance to personalise and tailor a professional resume and application letter, please contact Harvest Careers for assistance so you can make a positive and professional first impression.

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