An exciting new project to develop innovative programs to build the skills and capability of digital workers in Geelong

The DIGITAL project is about the Development of Innovative Programs to Grow IT & Digital Talent and Assert a Lasting Digital Legacy in the Geelong Region. 

This is your chance to “Speak up on Digital Deficits within your Organisation” and join in on the  project “Think Tanks”.


The digital challenge

Employers have reported that they struggle to recruit digitally literate and capable individuals to move into technology / digital specialisations or general roles that require digital literacy.


Existing worker gap skills

Employers express that even when recruiting graduates, there are often significant skills gaps in terms of what is taught and the on-the-job requirements.

New skills are required by the existing IT workforce to keep up with new approaches and technology.

The DIGITAL project will identify gaps in critical areas, and then aims to recommend appropriate training for both existing workers and graduates


Workforce skills shortage

With significant growth in the IT sector, there is a need to attract, train and fast track people into the industry.


The DIGITAL project seeks to:

Enhance digital equity by building greater digital literacy.

• Increase in the number of entry level digital specialists into post-secondary education and/or employment pathways.
• Open the sector to more people and ensure that the training received is targeted to meet the specific needs of employers.
• Identify platforms for digital skill development.
• Increase employer satisfaction and enable growth for employers employing digital or digitally enabled roles.

Whether micro credentials stand alone or are integrated into an existing course syllabus via electives, content will evolve according to the advancement of technology so micro credentials remain agile and adaptable.


Think Tanks

Harvest Talent Recruitment & People Solutions is running a series of Think Tanks for Businesses & Corporations and one for Digital Specialists to identify digital skills lacking in our region.

We invite you to attend a Think Tank held March – July 2021.

Download Think Tank Flyer with dates.

Please visit to register.


For more information on the DIGITAL project, please contact Maree Herath t: 1300 363 128 or email:

This project is supported by the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions – Regional Digital Fund.

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