What is Workforce planning?

Workforce planning is a process in which an organisation analyses its current and future workforce needs based on its commitments, strategy and goals. This will include identifying the quality of its current employees in terms of their knowledge, skills and experience.


Benefits of Workforce Planning

When successfully implemented, workforce planning can help businesses identify and anticipate issues early, helping to avoid disruptions and unexpected costs. It can assist a company in identifying critical roles, as well any shortage of talent to fill those roles. For example, if a business plans to expand, workforce planning can help it identify the types of employees required to make that expansion possible.


Employee Retention

Beyond hiring new talent, workforce planning can aid a business in retaining critical employees. A broad analysis of education and market trends can help identify positions that will be hard to fill if an employee left, which would damage the business’ bottom line. If there is high turnover in a department, workforce planning can help businesses assess the cause of that turnover and develop strategies to retain these employees thus minimising damage to the business plan.


Process and Production delays

Workforce planning can help to avoid delays and disruptions that will impact a business’ profits. This allows a company to meet goals by appropriately staffing the appropriate people, creating a clear view of talent in key areas.


Workforce Planning Assessment

A good workforce planning assessment is not limited to hiring new employees or determining appropriate staffing levels. It can also help to identify training needs and employee development initiatives by establishing skill gaps in the current workforce. In addition to these benefits of workplace planning, this process helps businesses to be proactive rather than reactive creating a clear competitive advantage as employee management is planned rather than reactive.


Mutual Relationship

A strong and transparent relationship with your recruitment or resourcing partners is essential to compliment your workforce planning. Talent pooling in particular is inextricably linked to the strategy and growth of the business, now more than ever Australian businesses are facing challenges in sourcing quality candidates in what is a fluid employment market. Your recruitment professional will have the knowledge and adroitness to ensure your company minimises any downturn following turnover in key areas of your business.


From time to time, Harvest hosts Workforce Planning Workshops for organisations of all sizes and Local Government.  Keep an eye out on our Events Page for more information or contact Harvest to discuss your workforce planning requirements.


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