Maree Herath interview HR Operations, The Gordon, Lisa Barton.

Remote learning, innovative changes at the Gordon.

Geelong HR Index Education survey participants comprised, K-Yr12 Schools, Vocational and Tertiary Education Institutions. Primary and Secondary Schools reduced its teaching support staff (Teachers’ Aids) as school moved from the classroom to the home and Vocational and Tertiary Institutions moved to an online format. With varying degrees of reliance on international students this posed the greatest challenge for these institutions, especially for our University as many international student enrolments that would normally occur in the second Trimester (in July) did not happen.

Universities also were not privy to job-keeper.

Of those surveyed, one-third reported they would emerge from the pandemic with fewer staff. Two-thirds reported they would maintain staff numbers.

Half of survey respondents anticipated they would have a decrease in casual numbers and the remainder felt these numbers would be maintained.

50% said, for the six month period to December 2020 they would hire new disciplines comprising Teachers, Administrators and Technology (IT) staff.

While certain institutions already possessed on-line formats and options for remote education, others had not and had to move to a whole new service delivery model instantaneously. 83% of respondents reported moving to remote working as their biggest HR challenge. However this was overshadowed with the entire number or survey respondents reporting the psychological safety of its workforce was their greatest challenge as their entire organisations became disseminated and teachers and facilitators were prevented from undertaking face to face learning activities.

The Gordon Experience

As an industry that had no other option than to innovate, emerging from the crisis The Gordon reflected that they had gained greater efficiencies and responded to their new way of

This will be the sector to watch and one that will potentially present some significant innovations and change as it seeks to sustain itself as we emerge from the COVID crisis.

As part of the HR Index, Maree Herath chatted with Lisa Barton, HR The Gordon.

Watch the interview with Lisa Barton

2020 Geelong HR Index

Harvest Director, Maree Herath  hosts a casual “on the couch” discussion with special guests Justin Giddings CEO Avalon Airport, Lisa Barton HR Operations The Gordon, Jason Doherty Regional GM Lifeline, Brian Cook CEO Geelong Cats , Debra Nash Commercial Director Truffle Duck and Mark Valena CEO GMHBA.

Click here to watch the 2020 Release of the HR Index on You Tube.    (60 minutes)

Each industry, based on how the pandemic played out, had different HR challenges which can be found in the separate findings by sector. If you wish purchase one of The Geelong HR Index 2020 Reports, please contact Harvest t: 1300 363 128

  • Complete Geelong HR Index 2020 Report – $399
  • Regional Report – $299
  • Industry Reports – $199

We trust the findings will increase your understanding of the Geelong region; that you will be able to use the data to respond to challenges, take advantage of opportunities and play your part in the social and sustainable development of our great City.

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