Geelong was a region on the move. We led the nation in population growth and our economy was confident. Then COVID came to town.

In 2019, Geelong was a region on the move. We led the nation in population growth and our economy was confident. We continued to gain momentum and growth across our major sectors. We were a region with strong entrepreneurial endeavour with an incubation hub for the commercialisations of ideas and innovations. We could have been forgiven for assuming we had many of the pieces of our economic jigsaw together.

18 months later as we herald the end of 2020, we see a vastly different picture. When COVID came to town, the landscape changed overnight. The pandemic and the restrictions that were  introduced to keep us safe saw the oxygen evaporate from two of our region’s bigger contributors – Education and Tourism. Many industries were challenged, others held steady and yet other sectors flourished.

With so much change, Harvest conducted the Geelong HR Index, surveying 85 of our region’s employers, to determine how we fared.

What have been the impacts on employment and what were the key HR trends for the region as a whole and our industries? 

This is the first comprehensive survey to be released on the Greater Geelong region that addresses how our business and organisations fared. This report shows our position as we emerge from COVID and how quickly we expect to recover.

The initiatives organisations are embracing post pandemic.

One thing that is certain; we will not return to pre-COVID normal. The pandemic has presented the opportunity to respond, to trial things; to trial and fail or trial and succeed rapidly. We have all had to flex our entrepreneurial muscle or be left in the wake of the tsunami that has been COVID-19. The word “pivot” has been one of the most frequently used words in 2020. It is apt as most organisations will change something about their approach in the new era of “Post Pandemic” or “COVID-Safe” – this report will showcase some of their initiatives.

Survey release “on the couch” discussion

Harvest Director, Maree Herath  hosts an honest and casual “on the couch” discussion with special guests Justin Giddings CEO Avalon Airport, Lisa Barton HR Operations The Gordon, Jason Doherty Regional GM Lifeline, Brian Cook CEO Geelong Cats , Debra Nash Commercial Director Truffle Duck and Mark Valena CEO GMHBA.


Where to from here?

This is Harvest’s second HR Index report. The survey is conducted, analysed, interpreted and culminated in-house as our service to our community, as the region’s most trusted end-to- end HR service provider.

Today, as we emerge from COVID isolation and hibernation it’s important to know where we’ve been, where we are now in order to address our direction for the future.

We trust the findings will increase  your understanding of the Geelong region; that you will be able to use the data to respond to challenges, take advantage of opportunities and play your part in the social and sustainable development of our great City.

Click here to learn more and gain your copy of the report of the Geelong HR Index 2020.

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