The world of work is changing and now when you’re on the job hunt, chances are you’ll experience your job interview – via video.

The beauty for the jobseeker is the interview is located at “home-base” – in the comfort of your own home! That’s got to be an advantage.

Here are seven tips to make your next Skype, ZOOM or Video-Conference Interview a success.

1. Test connections and Apps

Nothing will frustrate your interviewer more than you not being able to answer or not know how to use Skype, ZOOM or whatever app you are using. If you are making yourself available for video conference it is your responsibility to ensure you have a good line, good connection and know how to use the app. Test it out with friends, family first.  The same applies to microphone and camera settings.

2. Choose a quiet location

Many of us have our devices in high traffic areas. Interviews should, wherever possible, be conducted in quiet, distraction free areas of the house. Put yourself in an “office” or “interview” setting as would be expected if you went to the prospective employer’s premises. Both jobseeker and employer alike get distracted by moving images in the background so put yourself in a room, where the focus is clearly on you without the risk of someone disturbing you and/or the Interviewer.

3. Consider the backdrop

Again, if you want the Interviewer focusing on you, consider what you want and don’t want in the background of the video. I would suggest a wall behind you. An open room is like a window without a blind – it invites the viewer to explore. Consider if you want pictures or not have pictures behind you and the messages they portray. And no fancy ZOOM backgrounds please!

4. Dress for success

An interview at home does not excuse you from dressing up, as you would, for a face to face interview. Remember the employer will be interviewing a group of candidates and if you are the most casually presented compared to your peers you will be ranked accordingly. Although it feels a little “weird” to get dressed up, do it!  It will do you huge favours in putting your best foot forward.

5. Confirm times

Often interviews are conducted between time zones so ensure you have the correct timeslot in yours and your prospective employer’s location. I have had situations where candidates have said a certain time at their location equates to a certain time at my location. Just prior to calling I will check on World Clocks. It has saved making a call at 2am! It is always best to confirm your interview time in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). For example Melbourne and Sydney are GMT + 10.

6. Await the call

Once your interview is confirmed be present at your Video Conference location five minutes prior and at least 15 minutes after the interview time is booked. We highly recommend a fall back telephone number if for some reason connection is not made. If the connection does not come in within this time period, call your Interviewer to ensure all is going as planned.

7. Remember body language

Just because you are not speaking face to face does not mean you can’t portray confidence. It’s important to maintain eye contact with your interviewer and this can be really tricky when you are looking at a screen.  It’s about finding that balance between looking directly at the interviewers face on the screen and looking directly into the camera.  Practice. Practice.


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