Previously we’ve addressed how identifying our passions, our skills, our likes and dislikes allow us to learn more about who we are in preparation for our career search. The final and critical element is getting to know our personality.

Our traits, our psychology, what makes us tick, what motivates us, how we take in the world, how we process information and the environments in which we thrive. With all the information collected we form a picture of ourselves – both subjective and objective – allowing direction towards a career we’ll love.

Before taking the step towards applying for jobs or considering a career change our recommendation is to do a personality test. The three most common are Myers-Briggs Testing, DISC profiling and Morrisby Career Assessment. Interestingly, these are also some of the most common tests used by large corporations.

Morrisby Career Assessment

Morrisby is a great tool for those who are just starting out and making pathway decisions or people early to mid – career and looking to make a change. Morrisby is a comprehensive accurate measure of aptitude, preferences, and motivators.  When doing a Morrisby Career Assessment with Harvest, you will receive a psychometric report, a 60 min personalised feedback and coaching session with a Morrisby trained career practitioner.

The information we gain from these tests enables us to understand others and why they act like they do; why we gel instantly with some people, while others just get under our skin. Yes, the world becomes a clearer place when we know more about personalities.

So, do a test. You will learn something – guaranteed. It may lead to further enquiry, reading one of the books on the subject, or it may propel you to learn more about psychology as a whole. Even the sceptic will be able to see some merit in the information gleaned.

For Career advice or to find out more about undertaking a Morrisby Career Assessment, please contact Harvest Careers.

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