Really need to fill that role? Deadlines pressing? Christmas Holidays looming?

Don’t fret. Recruit by Christmas … it’s possible!

To fill your role by Christmas and start the New Year fully resourced here’s a quick guide to fast-track your recruitment process:

Determine your hire date and work backwards

There are seven key dates to place in your calendar:

  • notice period served by your prospective new hire (immediate if not working or up to four weeks if currently employed)
  • date of final acceptance of offer – official signed contract of employment by new hire
  • prepare offer
  • final reference checking, police checks, medical
  • job interviews
  • screening resumes
  • sourcing potential candidates for the role – job ads and informal networking


Compress Core Activities

The biggest bottlenecks in recruitment are waiting for response to advertisements and the screening and interviewing process.

To speed up this process:

  • place advertisements on a variety of channels
  • ensure advertisements have a closing date one week after placing the ad
  • review ad response in one day
  • get the interview process moving forward
  • have all stakeholders and decision makers block out their diary so nothing gets in the way of meeting your shortlist of candidates and making a hiring decision
  • plan the interview and questions to ask
  • rate the candidates immediately after interview and determine the top two candidates.


Seek Assistance

When time is running out, keep to your key dates and outsource the most time consuming parts of the process. This way you will achieve your goal.


Need Help Recruiting?

Harvest Talent Recruitment can help with your recruitment process.  Let us help you unearth the right person, we’re only a telephone call away t: 1300 363 128

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