Harvest HR Partner, Tina Daisley presents on “Building high performing teams”.  Simone Jones provides a re-cap of the session.

Presented by the very knowledgeable Tina Daisley (Executive Coach with a focus on Culture and Leadership transformation), a group of leaders from various businesses and industry sectors within Geelong, felt comfortable sharing their experiences and challenges that they face as leaders in the ever changing, employment world.

Having spent many years coaching managers on how best to manage employees to uplift teams and promote a problem solving culture, I now find myself in a Team Leader position where all the knowledge that I have gained from inspirational leaders over the course of my career (I have been fortunate to have some very good managers) is now about ‘putting into practice’.

The below model that was presented by Tina (referencing Patrick Lencioni team model) was a big light bulb moment for me as a leader. I could highly relate to this concept having been a part of successful teams where this approach was integrated into team culture. I believe great leaders walk the walk, believe that individuals have the right intent to come to work and do a great job and instill a TRUST based team culture which inevitably will see goals and results achieved.

Gaining Teamwork Advantage Pyramid

Delving deeper into the masterclass, as a group, we discussed the changes we have seen in organisations and the shift in leadership over the past decade. For leaders, this is a challenge.

Tina provided some great insight into workplace change; leadership change and team change and how leaders are having to shift their mindsets.

Technical Expertise is now Thought Leadership, Hierarchy is now Collaboration, Authority is now Empowerment, Rules are now Outcome Focused, Control is now Flexibility.

Undoubtedly this is overwhelming and as a result, leaders are racing around chasing their tails for their teams and their organisations potentially putting their health at risk and not being seen as ‘good’ leaders.

What if leaders focused on building a foundation of trust?

  • Linking Trust to Conflict
  • Conflict to Commitment
  • Commitment to Accountability
  • Accountability to Results

Perhaps ask yourself, what can I do to deepen the trust in my team?

To finalise the masterclass, Tina’s most powerful take was for leaders to have the courage to ‘slow down’ and not be overcome by the ‘busy-ness’ of the lives we’ve created.

  About Tina Daisley

Tina has extensive senior leadership experience in service delivery, program management, stakeholder management, people strategy and capability development. She is passionate about helping individuals and businesses unlock their full potential and achieve their professional and personal goals.

If you would like to further work with Tina Daisley, please contact Harvest HR & People Solutions.

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