When we talk about work place flexibility, the hours we work immediately spring to mind.  The ability to get to the office nice and early to beat the traffic and leave at a reasonable time to get home to the family.

However, flexible work arrangements can mean so much more than choosing your work hours.

In the Harvest Talent Recruitment & People Solutions’ HR Index Survey undertaken earlier in 2019, the majority of Small Businesses indicated that they are finding it increasingly difficult to attract key talent for their organisation.

Additionally Small Business Owners are addressing new working arrangements as high priority on their HR agenda.

We strongly believe flexible working arrangements can help attract talent and keep staff engaged. And, just because you are a small business does not mean you can’t implement some of these ideas.

What are flexible working arrangements?

  • Patterns of work for example job sharing
  • Split shifts
  • Part-time work
  • Ability to work from home or offsite
  • Staggered start and finish times
  • Accrued time
  • Option to ‘purchase’ additional leave

Flexible working arrangements are particularly attractive to parents, carers, people with a disability or requiring support due to family issues.

How to introduce Flexible Working into your business.

In an upcoming workshop, we unpack flexible working arrangements and how small businesses can attract “BIG” talent through flexible working arrangements.

  • When can an employee request flexible working arrangements
  • Examples of work arrangements
  • How employees should handle a request for flexible arrangements

Harvest Director, Maree Herath will discuss these topics and open up to questions from the room.

This event forms part of the Geelong Business Festival


Flexible Working Arrangements Geelong Workshop Details:


Wednesday 14th August, 10.00am – 12.00pm


The Village Geelong (Malop Room)

43-45 Brougham Street

Geelong, Victoria

Cost: $30 per head


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