What happens when all the kids are in school? We almost head into a mini “empty-nest” syndrome. Is it time to get a job? 

With the excitement and buzz children bring as they greet the new school year, families are now getting back into the routine of school life. Parents are regaining their territory in the house and putting order back where chaos reigned supreme.

Having all the kids at school certainly brings more time back to the major carer of the family.

Here’s a few tips if you find yourself with some spare time:

  • First, it’s time to exhale. Phew!
  • It may be weeks or months but eventually after sacrificing yourself for the kids for such a long time, you will ask “What’s next?”
  • Having been in the shadows; putting jobs, careers and a life on hold for the sake of raising the next generation, you can now put a mini spotlight back on yourself and start thinking “what, how and when” to return to the workforce.

Many parents will take some time to enjoy their newly found freedom and why not?

But in preparation for what may become inevitable, here’s some guidance for “return to work” parents:

Returning to work after children can be challenging. We are happy to help you work out what the next step is for you.  Contact the Harvest team for a chat today!  tel: 1300 363 128

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