In the lead up to International Women’s Day we wanted to celebrate the incredible women of Geelong. We will look at their achievements and find out what qualities they believe are imperative to success.

In our first profile we look at Stephanie Asher, City of Greater Geelong Councillor and Author.

Stephanie came into Geelong’s spotlight during her run in the 2012 City of Greater Geelong Mayoral election. Going up against strong, well known candidates from the region, Stephanie surprised voters with her passion, drive and innovative policies receiving an unprecedented portion of votes for a first-time candidate. While she was unfortunate to just miss out on the top spot, Stephanie came in an impressive second and inspired many first-time candidates to run in subsequent years. Since her debut 2012 campaign, Stephanie has continued down political avenues cementing herself a seat on the City of Greater Geelong Council which later encouraged her to run independently during the 2013 Federal Elections.

As natural as Stephanie is in local government, her background lies in Public Relations. Stephanie decided early on that she would follow a career along publishing, personnel and public relations lines. She quickly rose to manage a consultancy before taking the leap at only 27 to start her own firm upon realising she had the ability to manage her own start up.

Never afraid of facing hard work, Stephanie has become accustomed to flying solo. She remains very truthful and true to her own visions, something that is not synonymous with politicians and party policies. This she said, was a leading influence on her decision to run independently in the 2013 Federal Election. “Being a strong leader is about being clever, kind, ruthless and fair,” Stephanie said.

International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8 2018. To hear more about Rebecca and Stephanie’s drive to achieve success check out Maree Herath, Harvest Director’s interviews under the podcast tab.

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