Its that time of year again, when employees prep themselves for the Performance Review cycle- cue sweaty palms.

Being on both sides of the fence, I have experienced both the feedback giving and also the receiving. And both can be hard to do, but I now write from the employee perspective and the feelings that surround this time of year.

If you have a supervisor that provides feedback all year around then you should be prepared for this meeting and whatever comes your way. If you have had a supervisor who is time poor or is more the non-open communicator then this time of year can bring anxiety and the fear of the dreaded “constructive” feedback.

If this is your situation and you don’t receive the feedback you were expecting, it can be very confrontational and hard to take. My advice to anyone, is never be reactive…………. be proactive. Whist this is hard to swallow in the moment, reacting out of shock or possibly out of rage can be very detrimental to your career and your relationship with management and within that organisation.

If the feedback you receive has caught you off guard, breathe, thank them for their time and take a few minutes after to process. How you react next is where you can come undone. I would advise to take the evening and possibly the next day to think it over, if you believe any of the feedback wasn’t warranted then put that down on paper to discuss with your supervisor. But if there has been things that you have agreed with, reflect on these. This feedback is great for your job and should get you motivated to continuously improve throughout your career.

After processing, take what you have written down and ask for some time with your supervisor, or you can bounce this off a career coach. Discuss the areas for improvement that were raised and ask for open communication from your leader throughout the year to allow for you to continuously improve and therefore work production and your morale will also improve. Any leader should take this on board and next year when “that time” comes around again you can be prepared enough to take anything that comes your way. Remember how you act is a reflection of you and your work no one else, you may need an amazing reference one day and your behaviour on this day could really dictate how that goes!



Article written by Rachel Rampling, Recruitment & HR Consultant

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