We are all familiar with the ad with Karen Marshall enjoying a canoeing trip off the coast of Asia when she is approached by a Recruiter in another boat seeking exactly Karen’s skill set? “Karen…Karen Marshall! We’re looking for a Data Analyst!” Calls the recruiter. Karen, at first, tries to get away and says to her guide “Can you speed it up a bit please?”. However as she listens to the what is offered it’s exactly what she’s been looking for..what’s more the role has been presented to her. All Karen did was load her resume on seek.com.au

With over 5 million candidate profiles registered on Seek this is a powerful tool that recruitment firms and employers can now tap into… and it’s changing the way companies source candidates.

Employers and recruiters are becoming increasingly frustrated when they advertise online. When the ad goes public on a job board, inevitably more of the wrong candidates apply and it’s a time consuming process to wade through the volume of applications to find those that have the skills, qualifications and experience to do your job.

Seek Premium Talent Search has become the disruptor in candidate sourcing. As Australia’s No.1 Job Board for the best part of 15 years Seek has cornered the market and now boasts the largest volume of Australian based job seekers.

Employers and Recruiters..I encourage you to take a look at this site. Seek offers free trials of its Premium Talent Search function and you can go, look and see if it’s right for you. If you recruit often I guarantee you will want to add it to your candidate sourcing arsenal.

Here’s why.

When you advertise a job online invariably you will be restricted to one advertisement for a maximum of 30 days in one geographic location. In addition the ad often needs classification and categorisation. All of this means only candidates that are looking in your geography who either select a broad job search (all categories) or search specifically for the exact classification and categorisation of your ad will in fact see your role!

Employers often look at candidates from other cities and states but those candidates will not see the single ad in the location you’ve nominated. Also jobs can go across categories and again you may be pitching the ad to the wrong audience and missing the candidates you’re after. Employers often respond by posting multiple ads across locations and categories to capture all candidates. What’s more they spend a great deal more dollars than their initial advertising budget allowed.

Enter Seek Premium Talent Search. Seek’s database is not limited to a 30 day active candidate window, nor does it limit you to a certain geography, classification or category. You simply search by keyword and can search a host of locations as you desire.

Seek then allows you to refine the results by relevance (to your keyword search), recently added or recently updated.

You can then find those candidates who have recently added or updated their resume (these will be the most active)…and as, per the canoe commercial, present your opportunity to your Karen Marshall.

It’s a streamlined method and it stops the time consuming filtering process that occurs with advertising. The candidates that surface already possess the skills, qualifications and experience you’re after as you type in the keywords that match your job.

We had a client who was looking to fill a warehouse role really quickly. We had not placed a role of this nature for some time so we knew our database was limited and the likelihood of an active candidate with this skill being there was not looking good. Instead of advertising we searched seek’s database, approached an active candidate.  He was shortlisted and placed in a matter of days!

I wasn’t on a canoe but it was a joy to match a candidate who had been looking to a client who had an urgent need.

So.. take a peak at Seek’s functionality especially in candidate sourcing. You won’t look back! This YouTube video is a great watch too and can help understand the key benefits of Seek Premium Talent Search https://youtu.be/u3puU8cNj-k

Article written by Maree Herath, Director of Harvest Recruitment and Harvest Human Resources

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