The jury is out as to whether Employers should give gifts at Christmas time and while there are many opinions, I am definitely pro gifts. Employees have given their time and energy to you over the year and there is never a better time than when the year draws to a close to reward them and say thankyou.

Here are some gift ideas to say thank you to your team and keep the love going into the New Year
Under $20
movie-voucherVouchers – Movie and Coffee Vouchers always come in handy and get used..don’t underestimate them.
 Toys and trinkets – many staff have signature personalities and you can give them a token gift for fun. As long as it’s in good taste it shows your team member you know them well. Stationery for the “bookish”, a Tiara for the princess, bubble bath for the
stressballbubbly, skipping rope or tension bands for the active; stress balls, massagers for the highly strung, candles for the staff member who lights up the room. You can probably think of more!
 plantsPlants – a living gift is beautiful. Some plants I’ve received live on and on and serve as a lovely reminder of my workplace.
 Wine/Beer – while people say don’t give alcohol if you have a staff member that’s a connoisseur knock yourself out!
Under $100
In addition to more or Premium Versions of the above, your staff member is an asset to your team and now is the time you want to show it. Grateful gifts include:
massage– Beauty treatments/Spa/Massage/Book/ Restaurant or Shopping Vouchers are great!
– It’s summer and if they’re beachcombers.. towels, tote bags, wine bags, picnic bags are  always a hit!
platter– If they love the Dinner Party – table serving wear – tablecloths, plates, serving cutlery, glasses..they all get used!
– An experience – while the budget is limited and white water rafting is out of the question, Zoo Trips, Gold Class Cinema, Fun Parks, Local Cruises, Plays of the Theatre treat your staff member to an experience.
book– Books – if you know them well enough buy them a book. A novel in a series you’ve seen them read? A personal development book?
The Team Event
golfInstead of individual presents, why not take your staff out on a team Christmas activity. A great time is had by all and it strengthens the camaraderie within the team.
Ideas include:
– A Golf Day
– Twilight Bowls
gokart– Tennis Round Robin
– Ten Pin Bowling
– Go Karts
– Canoeing
– Hot Air Ballooning
– Sight Seeing – by boat, bus, train
– Wineries
– Surf Lessons or
– Walking Tours
All make for a great day out.
If none of the above seem to gel, a heartfelt handwritten card will win every time.
Maree HerathVolunteering to pack hampers, wrap presents or serve the needy are big things you can coordinate corporately to give back to the community.
Whatever you do, embrace the season of giving and give heartily to your team this festive season.
Article written by Maree Herath, Director of Harvest Recruitment and Harvest Human Resources.

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