How many Aussies like their jobs, do you think?

According to Roy Morgan Research at the end of 2013, 32.5% of Australian workers are very satisfied with their jobs and 42.9% are satisfied – that’s 2/3 of the full-time workforce.  Interestingly, the data indicated that the happiest employees are those who receive recognition for their efforts.  Of Australians in paid employment, 55.3% are satisfied with the recognition they get at work — with a whopping 93.3% of those also being satisfied with their job generally.

In contrast, 18.4% of workers are dissatisfied with the recognition they receive on the job, and 36.7% of them are dissatisfied with their jobs too — more than four times the national average for job dissatisfaction.

But, what do you do if you don’t get recognition and aren’t happy with your current role?  What options do you have?  Maybe a ‘Career Health Check’ is what you need!  We check our cars, we check our teeth, how about if we take some time out to assess the vitality of our work life?  What will you find?  Here’s some questions to ask yourself…

What is important in what I do that is not being recognised?  Why?  What do I like about my job?  What don’t I like about my job?  What are my strengths – am I using them effectively?  What are my weaknesses – am I working on eliminating them?  Do I welcome constructive feedback?  Do I look for opportunities to stretch myself or am I keeping my head down?  Do I feel optimistic about where my career is heading?  Do I have a clear plan for my career and is this job going to get me there?  Does my current job fit the lifestyle I want?

Talk to our Careers Specialist today and ask for a well overdue Career Health Check!  Call Harvest on 1300 363 128.



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