When the GFC hit the shores of Australia; it was met with sudden disbelief we could be facing similar woes we saw unfold throughout America and Europe. Fast forward 4 years, and it seems, as Europe finally breathes a sigh of relief and steps out of Recession, Australia is having to tighten its belt for the second time around, especially within the previously booming Resource and Energy Sectorpicture - mine. Therefore, in Perth, the home of Mining and Oil and Gas, the back end of 2012 through 2013 was, to many businesses, ‘the year to forget’. We consequently saw a drop in employment throughout the Resource sector, particularly Design and Engineering.

As a business owner and/or manager in Perth you may have been faced with, or facing, the tough decision of redundancy.  This is never going to be easy but with careful planning and the right communication between the employer and the employee, it does not have to be an awful experience for either party; it’s about acting within the law and with respect to your employees. Whether it’s providing emotional support or job search assistance, employers can go a long way to ensuring former staff can move on successfully and confidently after the redundancy, utilising the professional services of an HR and/or Recruitment Consultant will help with outplacement services.

It is the position and not the person that becomes redundant, ensure the staff member effected by redundancy and the survivors are aware of this. Also, with the changing face of technology, it is important to realise the importance of guiding employees to branding themselves correctly through online channels, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to assist them in gaining employment. To gain further information regarding this utilizing outplacement services will be of help.

It is crucial to successful management of redundancy that all other options have been explored. Could your staff member go part time? Extended and unpaid annual leave could be an option if you are awaiting news of a tender. Freezing bonuses and salary can also be an option to a long term team member. Remember, redundancy can be an expensive option so you have to be sure it is the last resort. Consulting with an outplacement service provider before making this decision can help qualify your thought process.

To summarize, are you?

  1. Keeping open communication
  2. Ensuring legal compliance
  3. Offering a career transition program and assistance with online branding, with the help of HR and Recruitment Consultants
  4. Investigating alternatives

If so; you are/will be managing redundancy efficiently, effectively and with consideration.

Written by Anna Pearson, Outplacement Services Consultant, Perth


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