In previous editions we have addressed how identifying our passions, our skills, our likes and dislikes allow us to learn more about who we are in preparation for our career search. The final and critical element is getting to know our personality. These are our traits, our psychology, what makes us tick, what motivates us, how we take in the world, how we process information and the environments in which we thrive. With all the information collected we form a picture of ourselves – both subjective and objective – allowing direction towards a career we’ll love.

I have done a lot of reading on the subject not to mention undertaking numerous personality tests and I must admit while not 100% on the mark they are very accurate at letting me know more about me. The bad news is I also know my weaknesses, but I can laugh at these and seek to develop where needed.

Before taking one step towards applying for jobs or considering a career my recommendation is to get online and do some personality tests. The three most common I have used are Myers-Briggs Testing, DISC profiling and Personality Plus. Interestingly, these are some of the most common tests used by large corporations. Today, these tests are easy to access and are free to complete online.

Google “Myers-Briggs free test” and many options come up. I have personally found as s good website. It allows you to undertake the test with no demand to subscribe or up-sell to another product. This site, while very American, tells you famous people with your personality type. It also provides information on careers that people with your personality type tend to work in. Call it a cheat sheet but for those people who are “clueless” when it comes to their career, it provides some great information and options. Likewise a DISC profile will indicate if your personality is more Dominant, Influencing, Steady or Compliant and again there are careers and roles that suit one personality over another.  Finally Google “Personality Plus Test” and it will provide tests and definitions of personality styles and the behaviours of certain styles.

While our first priority is to steer us towards a career we’ll love by knowing our personality. The information we gain enables us to understand others and why they act like they do; why we gel instantly with some people, while others just get under our skin. Yes, the world becomes a clearer place when we know more about personalities.

So, do a test. You will learn something – guaranteed. It may lead to further enquiry, reading one of the books on the subject, or it may propel you to learn more about psychology as a whole. Even the sceptic will be able to see some merit in the information gleaned.

Now we are in touch with who we are, our next topic will look at our Career Drivers and what types of careers, broadly speaking, our drivers or preferences lead us towards.

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