Jobseekers preparing for the interview should be congratulated. You have already been selected above your peers in a very competitive market and are down to the select few. Now it’s time to nail the interview and get that job!

To be competitive at interview you need to be prepared. Here are my seven steps to interview success:

  1. Research
    Knowing a little about the company, the role and your interviewer can help put you at ease. Company websites, LinkedIn and Facebook can help you learn more. Google the company and person – you never know what you may learn.
  2. Turn the tables
    If you were interviewing someone for this role what interview questions would you ask? Here is a fail safe way to plan. Gain a job description or, at the very least, the role description as advertised. Turn every sentence into a question. An example from an advertisement “you will be a good team player …” . Some questions that you could ask “Tell me a time when you have had to work in a team to get a job done? What was your role? How did you (as a team) perform? Then develop answers.
  3. Develop strong answers to common questions
    Know clearly your ideal: role, company, industry, location, work orientation (full time, part-time, casual), salary, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Practice
    If you have anyone in your network in employment or recruitment services get them to interview you. If not have your parents, siblings, spouse, teacher role play with you. I remember interviewing my husband for a role he applied for. He said the actual interview was much easier after our practice run.
  5. Critical interview etiquette
    Always shake the interviewer’s hand, maintain eye contact, have open and interested body language, let the interviewer lead and provide concise answers.
  6. Prepare questions
    Once the interview closes, have some prepared questions that you want to explore further.
  7. Your lasting impression
    Consider your final comments. By stating what appeals to you about the company and what you believe makes you a strong candidate you will be remembered.

Don’t forget, we are all human. The person who is interviewing you is a person too – just with a different role to play. If you remember ‘we were all created equal’ you don’t need to be worried about the interviewer. Relax and enjoy the experience.

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